Spotted Style meets the stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven!


She is 25years old, born in Rotterdam, now living in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. After 8 years of studying, Denise graduated 2 courses: Graphic Design – Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.

Denise is the classy elegant lady with style wearing a dress, high heels and walking down the street with grace! We met her and spent a few lovely hours with her. The interview continued a bit longer than usual, but there were so many interesting things about Denise and we were curious to hear everything about her Fashion career. After her answer of a question, new ones were following until the end of our meeting. (more…)

Stylist on the spotlight! Denise, the fashion master!

DeniseFashion has always been in our lifes, and style can be seen everywhere around us. While seeking for new people who inspire us, we spotted the young, talented designer and stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven! She graduated Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.  The rising star has already done some amazing work and we are excited and curious to find out more about it! What does it take to be a good stylist? Denise will tell the secret to Spotted Style tonight!