Spotted! Daisy May Breuer from De Boekers!

DaisyIt is time for more Dutch beauty on our spotlight! We will start with one thing about today’s model and it is….

WATCH HER! Spotted! Daisy May Breuer!

She is 21 years old, living in The Hague and Amsterdam and modelling for De Boekers and  she is definitely THE girl with THE look! Two things are sure: the camera loves her and we do too! So before it is too late and you are the next one who fall like a domino, we will warn you 😉  Daisy won our hearts with her extraordinary beauty and her own style! We had the chance to be the one who interviewed this sunny, charming girl and we are sharing more about her with you! Read about our spotted model and find out what are her passions, how she started modelling and who brings the biggest smile on her pretty face! She placed one on our Spotted Style’s face and when we think of her, we can’t do else but keep on smiling!  More than gorgeous, on the spotlight Daisy May Breuer! Shine on, Daisy! It’s your turn! (more…)

Spotted Style meets Roel Klepper!


Kim van Haalen Photography

Our week of Gentlemen on the spotlight continues and our next spotted model is Roel Klepper! He is 24years old, born in Rotterdam and living in Amsterdam. Roel is modelling for Major Model Management- Milano. He graduated Bachelor of Business Administration and is working as a booker/project manager at modelling promotion entertainment agency Showpony. Roel has very busy daily life, focused on achieving the best, but we were lucky as always so he found time for Spotted Style! And there we go! Read what he shared with us! It was an interesting experience to let us in his world and find out more about him! We will let you get a closer look to our spotted style model’s life too! Roel likes travelling, adventuring, seeing the world and tasting the fullness of life! To travel is to live! When we started talking with Roel we figured out that we have a lot in common! Starting from funny facts as that we both are not good in the kitchen, we work with models and look for rising stars and we have the same aims as seeking the best! His path of success is full of ambition and he is heading to the top! Top of everything! This time we spot him in Amsterdam and next time at the top! Spot you there, Roel!