Coco Tijsma spotted travelling to Japan! Follow her journey Vlogs on Spotted Style!

A while ago we spotted Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management who started her career as a model at The Model Convention, organized by Mariana Verkerk and Mauritz Briët! Since we spotted Coco we follow her career and all news around her! And the last one is that this month she is travelling to Japan! With the time, Coco turned into one of our Spotted Style girls that our visitors love the most. Because of the big interest for her from all of you, we will share all the Vlogs (videos) form Coco and her journey in Japan! Stay tuned to read the fisrt story of Coco! Today we are starting with her first Vlog! Enjoy! Coco Tijsma reports from Tokyo!

coco tijsma1

The Model Convention in Stockholm, 29th November 2014!


Only a few days left until the best model event of the year! The Model Convention is now launching in Stockholm on 29th November 2014. Interested in modelling? Dreaming about a future as a top model? Take your chance and go to The Model Convention organized by Mariana Verkerk and Mauritz Briët. Be the new future star! Shine bright at The Model Convention and get on our spotlight! Great things start with small steps. Make your first ones at The Model Convention!

You can buy your tickets here and stay updated about the event by following Spot you there!