Spotted Style meets Dennis Gijsbers!


Dennis Gijsbers is the next handsome Dutch model who attracted our attention and we were honoured to interview him! He is 28 years old, born in Vianen and living in Amsterdam. His motheragency is ICE Models Cape Town; however, he is currently modeling for De Boekers. Dennis works as a RTV Producer. His modelling abilities in front of the lens combined with his interesting personality make him a musthave model in the industry! Reading our spotted model’s interview will make you dive deep into his wanderlust journies full of travelling and adventures! Life is not meant to be lived in one place and adventure is calling! All eyes on Dennis!


Introduce yourself with a few words? Who are you?

I’m Dennis Gijsbers, a crazy guy who’s always searching for an adventure. Even the impossible is possible. Always living on the edge. (more…)

Spotted Joyce Bakker from Micha Models!


Her name is Joyce, she is 18years old and is modelling for one of the best agencies in The Netherlands- Micha Models!

This article was supposed to start with a sentence that would describe her, but this time is different. Joyce is not that easy to be defined or summed up in a few words, because we saw so many beautiful things inside her and her mind. We started our talk with her without knowing her age. We felt like we are talking with somebody wise because she speaks and acts like she is very mature. Full of magic, this beautiful lady reminded us one of the most important things in life to be happy and to do everything with love. So we already have a new rule with her and it is very simple: ‘’To do things that only make us happy.’’ Join us in the making!

After our first talk, the interview went into totally different direction and now we have a new friend and new inspiration. She is an amazing, beautiful and goodhearted person and falling for her wasn’t difficult. Her name is Joyce but we also call her Magic! Read more about her and her modelling life! (more…)

Spotted in New York Dorith Mous! The Page Turner!

 Today we have someone very special on the spotlight! Someone that you will remember. Dreaming about New York made us meet the successful Dutch model and artist Dorith Mous! The page turner, the different and provocative one. Whatever we say,  won’t be enough so we will just say Dorith Mous and let you go into her world by reading the interview she gave for Spotted Style! Special thanks to Dorith, it was a pleasure for us!


Nathan Martin Photography

Born in Amsterdam and based in New York City, photographer and artist Dorith Mous was seemingly born into her art – gaining beautiful knowledge of physical form and being able to capture depth from a subject through her own nomadic experience as a fashion model for the past decade. (more…)

Spotted Style meets Kiki from Micha Models

kikiShe is more than adorable and one of the sweetest girls and best models that we have met since we started our Spotted Style adventure! This extraordinary beauty is only 15 years old and has already done an amazing job and we are sure the big future is in front of her. Catwalks, photo shoots, runaways for Dorhout Mees and Fashion weeks are only part of the list of Kiki’s achievements. All this for two years! Can you imagine her after a few more? Because we can, and how we see her is again and again on the spotlight! Read the following lines and find out how modeling became part of this graceful girl’s life…

 Of course we spotted immediately the shopping streets in Haarlem, one of the reasons to come back again soon. So look around and wait for us because you will probably spot us there, and we will spot you back!

 Kiki is 177cm tall and she plays volleyball 5 times a week and is modeling at the same time. Even though she is very busy, she manages to be good at school, great in the game and stunning in front of the camera! We talked about modeling and as we already know, it can be a lot of fun but at the same time it has its challenging. There are extreme moments as staying all day long on high heels, reinventing shoes for a catwalk at the backstage of Amsterdam Fashion Week in the last minute and many more… The most important thing for Kiki is the result of her work. After all these challenging obstacles that she faces as being a model, the final result is worth it and makes her feel happy and satisfied. Being a model can be a question of will and discipline.

 When we met Kiki she was wearing dark royal blue dress, black boots and black leather jacket. One of her favorite outfits is a combination of a skirt and crop top. Fashion and modeling changed her life in a good way and she becomes more confident which is very important key for success.  Because of her modeling work she travels around The Netherlands and meets new friends in the faces of other models. Kiki shared that it’ s a lot of fun and they are good friends and talk a lot. Kiki has 2 sisters. They are 17 years old and 19 years old, but don’t live at home any more, so the weekends are extra fun when they’re home all together! Kiki’s parents are very proud of her and support her as much as they can. 

We asked Kiki what would be the thing that she will like to say if the whole world can hear her and she told us that she would like to tell the people to stop judge the others. Something that she has also faced only because she is skinny and she is born that way. Stop judging somebody because of his or her appearance. We are all different but all human beings and the weight does not make the person. There is much more than that!

 Kiki definitely has not only extraordinary beauty but also an interesting personality and we feel honored that we had the chance do this interview. Kiki’s future plans are to finish school and continue her modeling career. Our Spotted Style team thinks this is something that she has to do because she definitely stands out. During the interview she had very professional attitude. An attitude of a star and she already shines! 

Thank you, Kiki! We can’t wait to see your next big success!


Photos by Rutger van der Bent