Camille spotted at Vogue’s Fashionshow for Orange Babies


We promised you that we will keep you updated with what is going on with the modeling life of our models and we are keeping our promise! One of our favorite Spotted Style girls Camille Poppe was spotted at Vogue’s Fashionshow for Orange Babies on 7th of November that took place in Amsterdam. The beautiful model from Fresh Model Management was stunning as always, walking with grace! Camille did a catwalk for The celebration of the 15th birthday from Orange babies. Vogue worked with designers and our gorgeous model Camille was spotted wearing Marga Weimans clothes. Walk, walk fashion baby….


Spotted! Mara van der Blonk!

modellingPeople who shine from within don’t need spotlights. Mara is one of those kinds of people. She shines bright and lightens everything around her so we can see better how beautiful the world is. She is 17 years old, born in Haarlem and living in Aerdenhout. Modeling for Fresh Model Management, Mara has her own style and extraordinary beauty which can be easily seen. But most of all she carries this beauty inside her. She was the first person who supported Spotted Style on He for She campaign for equality in the world. Mara is modeling from January 2014 but already has done a great job. Her friends call her Martin. Read more to find out what is modeling for her, how it changed her life, what inspires her and much more! Follow Mara on Spotted Style!


Spotted! Camille Poppe from Fresh Model Management!


Lynn Romijn photography

Camille is 17 years old, born in Clearwater Beach Florida USA, lived in Hawaii and she is currently living in Huizen, The Netherlands. This angel look-a like beauty is modelling for Fresh Model Management. She just came back from Paris and she gave her first interview for Spotted Style! Again, lucky us! Are you curious to find out more and what hides behind her pretty doll face… We already know, so now it is your turn to meet her! We can promise you one thing, you will love her! Maybe even more than we already do! She has eyes to see inspiration everywhere around her and being the one who inspires the others. Same happened to us! Our Spotted Style model has already done catwalks during Amsterdam Fashion week and in the city of Love, Paris. Are you waiting for her next surprise? It won’t take long because with her charm and beauty she will go far. Where? We will keep you updated for her modelling journey!  Read the full interview with the closer look of Camille’s life on Spotted Style! (more…)