Spotted! Lieke van der Hoorn from Elite Amsterdam


Definitely one of our favorite new faces of Elite (previously Fresh) is Lieke van der Hoorn! Her long legs seem to never end. And in combination with her beautiful face there is no doubt that this lady will become a star! Not only does she have the looks, her warm and strong personality make give her the total package to reach the top. Victoria Secret her you come girl! 


Spotted! Romana Meijer from Elite Amsterdam!


The beautiful face of Romana Meijer (15) might be familiar to you all. We have seen her in the CosmoGIRL! model contest and after starting at Fresh Model Management, Romana is now an Elite model. With her dark look and curly hair you would not imagine she has the bluest eyes you have ever seen. And if that ain’t enough to became a Victoria Secret model, her long legs will get her there anyway!

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