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The summer is knocking on our door and we cannot do else, but let it in! Hand by hand with it is coming the festival season! Time to catch some sun, happiness, positive vibes, go on an adventure, loud music and party! We all have been at the great music open-air festivals in The Netherlands, but let us tell you more about the first FIERCE FASHION FESTIVAL in the country!  If you secretly wished to be at Coachella this year but you couldn’t make it to the desert, we have a surprise for you! The Mode Musthaves proudly presents Fierce Fashion Festival! And guess what… Our team will be there to spot you, get some fashion inspiration and buy the latest musthaves for the season! When and where is the Fierce Fashion Festival?

On Saturday, 16th of May, Sportpark Riekerhaven will turn into one big fashion paradise where fashion lovers can dive deep in a world of happiness, fashion, beauty, trends, lifestyle and music! In other words, the key ingredients for a Fashion Festival! Shop your favorite bohemian looks, get tips from famous stylists and fashion bloggers while enjoying delicious cocktails and dancing on the tunes of the best DJ’s on the Dutch stage!

Lineup DJs

Full Music Line-Up 

★ The Flexican & Sef
★ Geza Weisz & Manuel Broekman
★ Kris Kross Amsterdam
GirlsLoveDJs ★
★ Phalerieau & Mc Alainde Lon
Emanuelle Vos ★
★ Die Rooie (more…)

Spotted! Noud Egberts from Tony Jones Model Management

fashionTo continue the list of spotted male models, we met Noud Egberts from Tony Jones Model Managamenet. He is 21 years old, born in Maarssen and currently living in Amsterdam. Noud was scouted when he was 16 years old and modeling changed his life. In what way? Read his full interview and find out! Because of modeling, Noud got the chance to travel a lot and New York is already in his list of visited dream destinations! Follow Noud’s career on Spotted Style!



Spotted! Lisa- Your Green Guide!


Seeking new healthy inspiration that matches our lifestyle, met us with the right person who can provide us with the best green recipes! We guess you are curious to find out who is she? Her name is Lisa, she is 23 years old, living in Amsterdam and she is the founder of the successful blog called Your Green Guide! Lisa is positive, creative, full of enthusiasm and passionate for what she is doing! Say ‘’Hello’’ to your new Green Guide! (and for sure your future favorite one)! And if you are looking for the best source of healthy recipes that will make your daily life more delicious, you just found it! Lisa’s colorful blog is on the top of the list with our favorite ones! Read more about Lisa’s life, passions, inspiration and follow her blog for daily delicious recipes that will help you stay in perfect shape and keep you healthy!



Spotted Patty Luijt from De Boekers!


One of the agencies on our spotlight is definitely De Boekers with its great models! A while ago we spotted one more face with a rare beauty but we decided to keep it a secret a bit longer for a special moment! And the moment came! The new year is here and we want to start it by share postitive vibes with you and today they are all coming from Patty Luijt! This amazing girl is modelling for De Boekers, she was born in Vegheld and currently living in Weesp. Her mother agency is De Boekers and she is also modelling for Fashion (Milan), M+P (London), Stars (Düsseldorf), Uniko (Barcelona). It was impossible to take our Spotted Style eyes of Patty’s photoshoots and we love her effortless beauty and charm coming from the pictures! We talked a lot to Patty and she shared that she met her best friends because of modelling! And now Patty is turning into one of our new Spotted Style friends! Reading her interview will give you an idea of the great and sweet person that she is! Read more about Patty’s life, friends, dog, dreams and modelling career and better stay tuned, because Patty will continue impressing us and we will continue spotting her!



Spotted Marieke Blankenstein from De Boekers!


We are continuing our Spotted Style list with one more beautiful face from De Boekers! Marieke Blankenstein on the spotlight! She is 20 years old, born and living in Amsterdam and modellinig from De Boekers (mother agency), Fashion (Milan), Uniko (Barcelona), New Madison (Paris) and No Toys (Dusseldorf). Never dreamed to be a model, but life took her into this direction and today she is a successful Dutch model. Read the full interview and find out how modelling influenced her life and made her independent at her young age. When we meet so many new people because of Spotted Style, we try to find something good in each of them and share their story and message with you. This time, Marieke reminded us that we should all be good to each other! So today we share the same message as her: Be joyful and good! Enjoy reading the interview of Marieke for Spotted Style and follow her future career on our webpage! It is 2015 and the best is yet to come!

model (more…)

Spotted! Stijn van Dongen! The Game-changer!


First spotted model for 2015 is Stijn van Dongen from De Boekers! He is 23 years old, born and living in Amsterdam. Stijn is studying International Business and Management and is a full time model!

Happy new year once again! ‘’New year, new me’’ sounds familiar, right? How many times you have promised it to yourself? If you don’t change your mindset and your behavior, it will be ‘’New year, same you’’. The one to be talked about today and the one that we chose to be the first spotted star for 2015 is Stijn van Dongen!  And we chose him for a reason! He did not only said ‘’new me’’ but he worked hard for it and there he goes, wining our full respect! The successful model from De Boekers shared his personal story with us and we can all only learn from him and his strong will power! Everything is possible and Stijn proved this to himself and everybody!  So, rule your mind and start working for what you want, because nothing comes granted! Stijn’s motivation is more than enough for a good start, so go and change your game! He already did!



Spotted! Daisy May Breuer from De Boekers!

DaisyIt is time for more Dutch beauty on our spotlight! We will start with one thing about today’s model and it is….

WATCH HER! Spotted! Daisy May Breuer!

She is 21 years old, living in The Hague and Amsterdam and modelling for De Boekers and  she is definitely THE girl with THE look! Two things are sure: the camera loves her and we do too! So before it is too late and you are the next one who fall like a domino, we will warn you 😉  Daisy won our hearts with her extraordinary beauty and her own style! We had the chance to be the one who interviewed this sunny, charming girl and we are sharing more about her with you! Read about our spotted model and find out what are her passions, how she started modelling and who brings the biggest smile on her pretty face! She placed one on our Spotted Style’s face and when we think of her, we can’t do else but keep on smiling!  More than gorgeous, on the spotlight Daisy May Breuer! Shine on, Daisy! It’s your turn! (more…)

Spotted! Floortje from Elite Amsterdam!


After spotting Sterre , Camille, Mara and Caitlin, today we are adding one more girl to the list with our favourite faces from Elite Amsterdam! Her name is Floortje, she is 15years old, born and living in De Rijp, the Netherlands. Floortje shines on our spotlight and we fall in love with the mystery look she displays on her photoshoots! What stays behind this pretty young face and her blue eyes? Read more about her great start that Suzanne Pots and Mauro Da Silva gave to her and dive into her world for a bit! Only 15years old, Floortje already took part in something that changed people lives in a good way. There is good in the world and Floortje reminds us that we should share it more often because true happiness comes by making others happy.

Spotted Style meets Mike Meijer!


A week ago Spotted Style went clubbing with a mission! Spotting models! Mission accomplished! We spotted somebody fashion orientated at a models party and he turns in one of our spotted future stars! His name is Mike Meijer and he is the model on our spotlight today! Mike is 18 years old, born in Apeldoorn and living in Amsterdam.
He is working for Models at work and is studying International Business and Languages at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Mike’s outfit was a combination of some classy pieces and that tells us fashion for him is more than a way of dressing. Just entered the modelling world, Mike enjoys it to the fullest and he is excited to see where all this will lead him. He wants to travel the world and is determined to realize his dreams and career goals. He just started modelling but is already on the spotlight of big brands as Schots and Soda! Positive, energetic and friendly, Mike shared with us more about his life and personality! Take a look at the interview with our new spotted boy!boy


Introduce yourself with a few words? Who are you?
My name is Mike Meijer. I am 18 years old and I am enjoying life.

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
My hobbies are fitness, football and swimming. My biggest passion is design and fashion.

When and how you started your modelling career? Were you scouted by somebody?
It all started a few weeks ago on a party of Models at work. During the party one of the scouts of Models at work spotted me and asked me if I was a model and if not, would I consider modelling for their agency.

Did modelling influence or change your life? If yes, how?
I am quite new in this model world but it made my life already change a bit. During shoots and other activities you get to know a lot of people. In my opinion it is really cool to talk about the life of other models and learn from it. I still remember one boy who was modelling all around the world! It inspires me to keep going forward and never give up.
Can you tell us what kind of campaigns you have shoot and for which brands?
So far, I only went to the studio for my portfolio and did a few examples for some big brands like Scotch and Soda. I think it won’t take long until I have my first official shoots. I get really motivated when I see that other models travel all around Europe and some of them even all around the world. My dream destination for work would be New York. I hope one day I will have a shoot on the top of one of the big skyscrapers with Manhattan on the background.

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your personal style? Where do you pull your inspiration from?
Fashion is really important for me. It is a way of showing who you are. My personal style is casual but sometimes I like to wear something special which is more exclusive. My inspiration comes from internet, magazines and especially the people around me. Amsterdam is a city full of fashion and design.
Give us a fact about you people may not know.
When I was younger I used to be a good goalkeeper.

What are your top priorities? What keeps you going?
The most important thing is my study. I am studying International business and languages. When I’m done with my study I’d like to work for a big international company or start my own international fashion company and make it a successful one.
Define happiness. What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
Happiness is only real when you can share it with the people around you. My friends and family make me happy. They are the ones who support me every day again and I am really thankful for that. There is also another thing what makes me happy; dreaming is the most beautiful thing in life….. And remember… The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

How do you see Life through your eyes?

Sometimes it is hard, but if you keep going one day you will be successful.

What is worth fighting for the efforts and the time?
My study, my family and of course my future.

3 songs from your playlist?
Sick Individuals – Lost & Found
Dre hazes – ik leef mijn eigen leven
Ben Howard – Keep your head up

If you could give a name of this moment of your life, how would this chapter be called?
Happy times in Amsterdam

How do you imagine the future and what does it hold for you?
I have to create my own future. The most important thing is that I keep focussing on my goals and never give up! If I just keep going as I do now it will be a good future with a lot of beautiful experiences.

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

Spotted! Anouk for WE-R Agency!



The weekend is coming soon and we guess you are still thinking about your outfit and look for the upcoming party at the end of this week! We have some new inspiration how to wear your hair and here is more from Anouk Schouten! We spotted Anouk from De Boekers a few weeks ago and we are showing you one of her last beauty photoshoots. The photos are for WE-R agency and the shoot was in Amsterdam. Anouk shared with us that it has been a lot of fun and she loved it! We love her new photos and her hairstyle! Her make up was done by Zuza Mandrysz, hair by Jana and Anouk was photographed by  Jacob van Rozelaar. Did we helped you to choose how to style your hair? We hope so!  (more…)