Ambition and beauty on the spotlight! Anouk Schouten from De Boekers!

modellingAnouk is 16 years old, born and living in Hoornaar, the Netherlands. Strong, independent and very ambitious! She has been scouted many times from different agencies when she was younger, but at the end she made her choice and signed with De Boekers! And this is when it all started! Anouk shared with us how modeling changed her life in a positive way and how she became more responsible and wise because of it. She feels comfortable in front of the camera and this can be easily seen from her great photo shoots! She is born to be on the spotlight and she shines bright! The first thing we spotted in her was her obvious beauty but when started the interview, we figured out that we have many things in common! One of them is the big passion for playing piano and the other one is the desire to succeed, work hard to make her dreams reality! We believe in her success and she has the power to make it true! She is one of our inspirations and next time when she makes it real, we are going to be there for her again to spot her success and share it with you! Read more about Anouk!

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The Model Convention in Stockholm, 29th November 2014!


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