Ups & Downs – By Cynthia

Relaxing sunday on the beach
Relaxing sunday on the beach

It’s Friday again yayy!! This week went by so fast. 

Last weekend we had our pool party, it was so much fun! Besides the cleaning afterwards, what a mess! There were a lot of people, around 80!! I spend my Sunday lazy at the beach. 


A lucky number – By Cynthia

Hello again! My first full week in Cape Town has been really busy! Monday started with three castings. I’ll be talking a lot about castings in my blog, so let me explain what happens during these castings.
It depends for what it is, last week I had a lot of commercial castings. When you arrive at the casting you need to sign in with your name and then you get a number… And wait in line.
When your number is up, you go inside and you have to introduce yourself to the camera. You have to say your name, age and agency. Then the casting director will tell you what to do. Normally during a commercial casting you have to act. For example, last week I had a casting for KitKat (chocolate) and had to pretend I was on a rooftop with friends, having drinks and eating KitKat. I actually enjoy these castings, I like acting as well!photo

Hello Cape Town! – By Cynthia

After traveling for almost 24 hours I safely arrived in Cape Town! My flight was delayed so when I arrived in Istanbul I had to run to catch the next plane, and of course I was wearing heels because they didn’t fit in my suitcase…

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Ready for take off!

Hello everyone,

Let’s have a little introduction first. My name is Cynthia and  I’m working as an international model for about three years now. This Monday I’m leaving for Cape Town to work for Topco models. I’ll stay there until the end of March and during my stay I’ll be posting a blog on Spotted Style every friday. I’ll give you all the ins and outs of my life as a model.

I’ve already started packing this week, to make sure I don’t forget anything. You must be wondering what will I bring for 2,5 months. I’ve been traveling a lot so I’m starting to get used to it. My biggest issue is SHOES!!.. I wish I could bring them all. I need at least 2 pairs of high heels, flip flops, sandals, sport shoes.. OOPS! And there I go again!
Luckily it’s summer there, so my suitcase is filled with shorts, dresses, tops and my bikini!

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Guest blogger Cynthia Baremans

We are very excited to announce that our Spotted model Cynthia Baremans is going to be our guest blogger for the upcoming weeks! Cynthia is leaving for Cape Town on Monday, where she will be modeling for her agency Topco Models. Lucky us that she will be sharing all her adventures every Friday, starting tomorrow! Stay tuned!