Backstage report of Romana Meijer at iNDiViDUALS



Romana from Elite Amsterdam walked the great Individuals show! And the editors of Spotted Style had the great honor to see Romana and many more familiar faces walk. Curious of what day was like? Read her backstage report here :)



Spotted Style reports from INIT, iNDiViDUALS by AMFI A/W 15-16 in the spotlight!

Yesterday Nadina Gorano (editor-in-chief) was spotted at the fashion show of iNDiViDUALS at AMFI at INIT, Amsterdam! We spotted a lot of familiar faces and enjoyed the fashion show from the front row! Spotted Style team reports for all its followers! Stay tuned! More coming tomorrow! 


iNDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!


They are with 24 creatives. They are young, motivated and passionate for what they are doing! Who are they? They are iNDiViDUALS at AMFI! Each of them is unique and each of them is giving their best for the future of fashion. Spotted Style had the chance to meet Faya Maris, Lisa Galenkamp and Claire Wouters, who are part of the amazing team of the Dutch fashion brand. The talented students opened their doors at AMFI, and let us go behind the scene to show us what it takes to run a fashion brand! The students from Design, Management & Branding departments are positive, energetic, intellectual and hardworking. They told us more about their responsibilities, the new A/W 15-16 collection and the fashion show which is today on the 21st of January! You can watch it live and take a front row seat by clicking the link

 The show will be at INIT in Amsterdam and we are more than happy to be there. We promise to keep you updated! Until then read more about the journey called iNDiViDUALS that turned the fashion students of AMFI into young professionals! They already started writing their success story and we will be there to spot them!

INDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!

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Spotted Style meets Boyd de Graaf!


Boyd de Graaf is 21 years old. Elegant and stubborn are one of the many sides of this young man who is working hard for his future. We will give you a small hint in which field he is aiming to strike high and it is Fashion! One more fashion addict on our spotlight! Boyd is born in Sutton Coldfield( England) and is currently living in Amsterdam. Boyd combines modelling for Touche Model Management (the Netherlands) and Spinnmodel Management (Germany) with studying Fashion and Management at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). Lead by his dreams, Boyd shared with us more about his busy life as a student of AMFI and his ambition when it comes to his career.Life is a result of the choices that we all make and Boyd told us about his ones. We talked about future and past and he reminded us that we have to live in the moment and all we have is now. So let’s make the best out of it! Boy de Graaf on the spotlight! (more…)