#SpotMeWhileILaugh Part 2 with Lara, Anine, Marjan, Daphne, Lois, Eva, Silke, Romy, Daelorian, Melissa, Iris and Bo


Hello Models!

Happy Friiiiii-YAY finally! It was a long week for Spotted Style and now we are ready to go loco for the weekend! What are your plans? Whatever they are, make sure you take funny pictures and instagram them with the hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh and tag @spotted.style, so we can find you easily!  Since the end of the week is here, it’s time for the second edition of our #SpotMeWhileILaugh (check part 1 if you missed it). Today we have a winner and the 1st place goes to the spotted model Lara Roozemond! Now you maybe wonder why we crown her with 1st place? Take a look below and get ready to laugh hard! Lara in the spotlight! Followed by … see below and stay tuned to find out who will be the ones who are laughing hard enough to get spotted next week! 


lara21. @LaraRoozemond: Me’ n daddy talking a stroll #familytime #getmoney #SpotMeWhileILaugh (more…)

Hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh! 5 fun Insta moments with our Spotted Dutchies!

Probably you saw our Instagram post on @spotted.style about our new fun publications but in case you’ve missed this one, let us tell you more about our new idea! Every week Spotted Style will chose the most interesting and fun 5 pictures from Instagram, posted by your favorite spotted models and we will repost them on our account! Do you wonder how the Dutchies are spending their days when they are running to castings, catching flights, getting reunited with friends while travelling all around the world? Always on the go, they know how to cherish the moment and have fun! You can expect our Insta picks at the end of every week and if you have suggestions and spotted something that made you laugh hard, don’t hesitate to send it to us or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh

Take a look who got #SpotMeWhileILaugh this week and stay tuned until next weekend! 

Jamilla1. @JamillaHoogenboom from Micha Models with Dutchies @VeraVanErp and @RomySchonBerger: While running for our castings we found @Agnes_xd hanging on the wall 


2.@FabienneDobbe from Touche Models in Milan: Another annoying tourist #whoisshe #whoisthatchick


3. @MarjanJonkman: Finally reunited with this LA babe  @Aliciaruelas <3 <3 <3  (more…)

Anouk Thijssen in the spotlight! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We will continue with one more Elite Amsterdam story and welcome the other winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 Anouk Thijssen in our spotlight! The fifteen year old beauty grabbed our attention immediately when we spotted her incredible presence on the catwalk and a few hours later, she became the new Elite future star. She gave an interview for Spotted Style days before the big final in Milan and shared with us her excitement. You can support our Dutch Elite Model Look winners Anouk and Mattia by giving your votes. We wish both of them goodluck in Milan!

Hello Anouk! Congratulations on being one of the winners of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015! For us it is a pleasure to have you at Spotted Style! Would you share a few words about yourself with our followers? What is your age and where are you from?

Thank you! I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Wijchen, a town in the east of The Netherlands. Five days a week I go to school and in my free time I am with horses for grooming and riding. I love shopping and I often read beauty tutorials on the internet.

How did you decide to sign for the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 castings? Was it always a dream for you to become a model?

The mom of my best friend told me about the Elite Model Look. I thought it’s a great idea, so I decided to sign in. I never thought about becoming a model but now it’s the only thing I want! First I wanted to be an interior architect but now I really want to work as a model.Anouk4-682x1024


Internship with a job potential at VDM Models


We are currently looking for a super intern to help at VDM Models with anything that has to do with the professional use of social media. Are you fond of the fashion industry? Is your timeline packed with #fashion photos? Are you an energetic and cheerful type and are you always online?

VDM will soon launch a new website, a video platform and we are going to organize events. As a social media and marketing intern you will tie everything we do at VDM Models together. You will spread the content to several social media channels and make plans to achieve growth in range and followers. You will assist in writing our posts and see how you can build a bridge between VDM and its partners.You are communicative and eager to gain new knowledge. In addition, you are expected to help with the daily activities within our agency. (more…)

Sterre, Isa, Floortje and Sanne from Elite Amsterdam walking for Eline Bouman


The Elite Amsterdam beauties Sterre Claus, Floortje Bunschoten, Sanne Engelen and Isa Stoepker were spotted walking the show of the talented designer Eline Bouman, which was part of the HKU Graduation show.The amazing collection of Eline is called Emission of Radiance. Nadine and Sanne from Elite Amsterdam were also spotted at the event. The girls arrived very early at the location and had their hair and make up done, followed by practicing the show several times. There were 2 shows. The first one was at 18 o’clock and one at 20 o’clock. Our spotted models describe the day as a great experience, full of fun and fashion! Below you can see the beautiful collection Emission of Radiance.


Spotted in London! Slavi Peev


A few years ago I was at a party at one of the best clubs in Sofia, Yalta where the biggest DJs play when they are performing in Bulgaria. There I met Slavi Peev who was 16 at that time and already behind the DJ booth! If you had seen Slavi back then you would have noticed  his big passion for music and life.Today, a few years later the same talented boy can be spotted playing in the clubs in London. While working hard on producing and music, Slavi’s career is going with high speed into one direction, THE TOP! Read the full interview with our spotted boy and stay tuned! Slavi Peev in the spotlight!

Hi, Slavi! Can you introduce yourself with a few words to our followers? 
I am Slavi Peev, Artist into Deep/Dub Techno. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1995. Now based in London, studying Audio Production.

You are currently living in London. What was the reason to move there and how is life in London?
London has really good opportunities for what I want to do and for the music I make and play. I really like London and the city by itself inspires me to keep growing and developing myself.

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
Apart from my biggest passion, DJ’ing and producing, I’ve got many others such as motocross, drift, photography, travelling, snowboarding and much more.

What is music for you and since when it is such a big part of your life? How did you start?
As I can remember music have been always part of my life. I was at the age of 12 when house music really grab me and then it was my first club party. When I was 15 I started learning the mixing techniques and a year later was my first set in a club.

Did music influence your life and in what way?
Music did influence on me in a way that at the age of 16 I already knew what I wanted to do in my life.

Are you working on something new right now and what kind of challenges a DJ can face?
I am working on a few projects at the moment which I think I’ll finish in a month. If you are interested you can follow my Soundcloud or Facebook page for more info.
Honestly, I don’t see anything as a challenge. Everything is happening and you’ve got to be persistent, positive and open minded.

Slavi race


Marianna van Leeuwen, actress in the spotlight!


Today we have a new precious diamond, shining bright in our spotlight! A while ago in Amsterdam we spotted a new beauty. If you meet her, you would probably think the same as we did, that she is a model! Long wavy hair, pretty face, charming smile, long legs and her model look! Her name is Marianna van Leeuwen! We couldn’t miss the chance to talk to her and our ‘model’ guess was very close to the truth! Marianna is an actress and definitely a fashion icon. We spotted her wearing Chanel boy bag, Chanel shoes. She has a style and knows how to create the perfect outfit for every occasion. Amazed by her charm and personality, the few minutes with made us curious to find out more about her acting career and a bit later we had a meeting with her at the Sky Lounge at Double Tree Hilton in Amsterdam. We spent the whole day with Marianna, having some girls time! Before we went to check the new collections of our favorite fashion brands, we asked her a few questions about her acting career. Read what our new star in the spotlight shared with us! Marianna in the spotlight!


Hi, Marianna. Would you share with our Spotted Style followers what are your biggest hobies and passions?
My biggest hobby is acting! I also adore dancing, singing, fitness and if I have the time, I really enjoy cooking with my mother. Spending time with my friends and family is important for me.

What does acting mean to you?
Acting is kind of like being in another world. But, I think that’s very logical because most of the time you’re not your own character and that’s what I like the most of it. I use emotions and say things that I normally don’t or not at all would use and that’s funny because you see yourself from a very different perspective. I’m always trying to improve myself, but it’s also a goal to become a better actress. (more…)