”Snake preview” by Esther Haamke in the spotlight!


Diving into the fashion world met us with a talented rising Dutch designer. Her name is Esther Haamke and a while ago Spotted Style was invited to her fashion show. And by fashion show, we don’t mean a typical one. Snake Preview was different, just like its designer and they both made us smile! Fun, creative and full of energy, Snake Preivew caught our fashion eye and we cannot wait to tell you more about the great performance of Esther! After the show Spotted Style got the chance to interview the young designer! We found out what inspired her to create the Snake Preview! Excited to see the collection and read the interview? Scrow down, meet Esther and her Snake preview, remember the label and dare to be different! Snake Preview’s clothing pieces by Esther Haamke in the spotlight! If you want to wear some ‘Snake Preview’ check www.estherhaamke.com for the first sales items!


Spotted! Lisa- Your Green Guide!


Seeking new healthy inspiration that matches our lifestyle, met us with the right person who can provide us with the best green recipes! We guess you are curious to find out who is she? Her name is Lisa, she is 23 years old, living in Amsterdam and she is the founder of the successful blog called Your Green Guide! Lisa is positive, creative, full of enthusiasm and passionate for what she is doing! Say ‘’Hello’’ to your new Green Guide! (and for sure your future favorite one)! And if you are looking for the best source of healthy recipes that will make your daily life more delicious, you just found it! Lisa’s colorful blog is on the top of the list with our favorite ones! Read more about Lisa’s life, passions, inspiration and follow her blog for daily delicious recipes that will help you stay in perfect shape and keep you healthy!



Spotted in London! Sam Donders, the Raving Reporter!


Staying true to our mission and sticking to the rule to spot fashion dictators of good taste, met us with the right one and she is called Sam Donders! After we spotted her a long ago, we kept on following her blog for our daily outfit inspiration. A few days ago we had the chance to interview her and there she goes! Miss Blogger for Spotted Style! Sam answered our questions and told us more about her life and how she runs the blog www.ravingreporter.comBefore you check her webpage, make sure you are aware of the possible consequences that may happen after visiting the blog! They are:

finding your new fashion inspiration source
getting strong and uncontrollable desire to shop until you drop
discovering your new favorite blog to follow
And the last one – getting an instant smile on your face, because Sam’s one is kind of contagious!

So, think twice and if you can deal with the side effects of jumping into the world of the Raving Reporter Sam, go ahead and join the club of fashion addicts! Sam Donders on the spotlight coming soon! Stay tuned and rave on!

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iNDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!


They are with 24 creatives. They are young, motivated and passionate for what they are doing! Who are they? They are iNDiViDUALS at AMFI! Each of them is unique and each of them is giving their best for the future of fashion. Spotted Style had the chance to meet Faya Maris, Lisa Galenkamp and Claire Wouters, who are part of the amazing team of the Dutch fashion brand. The talented students opened their doors at AMFI, and let us go behind the scene to show us what it takes to run a fashion brand! The students from Design, Management & Branding departments are positive, energetic, intellectual and hardworking. They told us more about their responsibilities, the new A/W 15-16 collection and the fashion show which is today on the 21st of January! You can watch it live and take a front row seat by clicking the link http://new.livestream.com/accounts/102404/iNDiViDUALS

 The show will be at INIT in Amsterdam and we are more than happy to be there. We promise to keep you updated! Until then read more about the journey called iNDiViDUALS that turned the fashion students of AMFI into young professionals! They already started writing their success story and we will be there to spot them!

INDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!

TEAM (more…)

Spotted Style meets the stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven!


She is 25years old, born in Rotterdam, now living in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. After 8 years of studying, Denise graduated 2 courses: Graphic Design – Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.

Denise is the classy elegant lady with style wearing a dress, high heels and walking down the street with grace! We met her and spent a few lovely hours with her. The interview continued a bit longer than usual, but there were so many interesting things about Denise and we were curious to hear everything about her Fashion career. After her answer of a question, new ones were following until the end of our meeting. (more…)

” Who wears Prada?” Maud does it!

MaudThis month we are opening our fashion diary and the first story we will share with you is about the fashion duo Tamar and Maud as promised! Big dreams, hard work and fascinating results… Maud and Tamar’s work is always memorable.

Take a look with us behind the scenes and see what made us extra happy! Spotted! Absolutely fabulous and more than professional Maud behind the camera and Tamar in front of it.

Starting with Maud, the first half of the fashion duo….
She is 21 years old, born and living in the Netherlands and studying Music Theatre.

Maud is a young fashion photographer and can be described as enthusiastic, passionate and extremely curious about life. To all that we will add only one word and it will be: professionalism! It is not necessary to mention that she is hard working because her pictures show this clearly. Behind all that beauty is the perfect combination of styling, shooting and modelling that requires lots of hours of work.

Maud has been taking pictures since long ago but the point when it got more serious was last year and ironically this happened after she quit art school and started at the school for performing arts.
If you wonder how Maud’s photography journey started, we can tell you more…. (more…)

SPOTTED! Marina Kiskinova in Amsterdam! Our favorite actress!


As we promised you, we are sharing a part of our conversation with Marina Kiskinova! Our team is more than lucky because we had the amazing opportunity to interview the talented, ambitions and successful Bulgarian actress and singer while she was in Amsterdam!

Positive, sunny and friendly, our spotted star lady is only 22 years old and she already has a successful start of her career! What we admire most in her is that she keeps on working hard and climbing her way to the top! Marina is playing a main character in the series ‘’ Sex, Lies & TV’’ and her songs are on the top of the music charts. (more…)