Spotted Style meets Natasja Arie and Squaah!


One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity to meet new people! A while ago I had the pleasure to cross paths with the amazing, charming and elegant Natasja Arie, the founder of Squaah and attend one of her inspiring events, full of powerful and ambitious women. Now you maybe wonder what is Squaah, who are the Squaah ladies and what makes you one of them? Spotted Style met the beauty and brain behind the leading ladies society and wants to share more about it with you! Meet the modern muse Natasja Arie in the spotlight and take a look at (more…)

Interview with booker Bruna from VDM Model Management


VDM Model Management is again in our spotlight! If you wonder who helps us to get all the pretty girls from the agency on Spotted Style, here is the answer of your question! We had the pleasure to interview one of the bookers from VDM Model Management, Bruna! If you want to know what it is like to work at a model agency, read the interview below and stay tuned to meet the next promising face from VDM Model Management Myrthe who is going to New York soon!

Hi, dear Bruna! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
My name is Bruna Rizk, I am 22 years old and currently living in Amsterdam. I am a booker at VDM Model Management.

We already spotted some of the beautiful faces of VDM Model Management, can you tell us more about the agency?
VDM Model Mangement is founded by our director Jeroen van de Mast. VDM represents, develops and preps models for the national and international market. We distinguish ourselves from other agencies through our close and personal guidance. Other than that we value a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Since when do you work as a booker for VDM Model Management and have you ever imagined yourself as part of the modeling industry?
Not that long actually, I started last summer. I’ve always wanted to work in the modeling industry, so I’m really grateful to be able to do what I love.



Billie-Jean and Maurice spotted in Amsterdam!


Billie-Jean and Maurice wearing their Spotted Style t-shirts

Last weekend I met Billie –Jean Harper and Maurice Sinclair in Amsterdam while they were on their holiday! As you may already guess they are both models and they are one of the most beautiful couples I have seen! Both represented by Scout Model Agency (Switzerland), Billie-Jean and Maurice are living in Zurich. Interested to hear more about their story I met them at Coffee and Coconuts at De Pijp and we talked about modelling and photography, Maurice’s biggest passion. If you meet Billie-Jean in person, you will get why Maurice calls her ‘’his muse’’! She just finished her apprenticeship and will head to Milan for the summer! With her unique beauty, look and big potential, we are sure that modelling will reveal great opportunities for her in the future! And taking in mind that Maurice is a pro also behind the camera, we guess he will be the one to spot her for us! Stay tuned to find out more about our favorite spotted couple! Billie-Jean and Maurice in the spotlight!


Can you introduce yourself?
B.J.: My name is Billie -Jean Harper. I am 18 years old and I am from Zurich, Switzerland. I a model and right now I am doing an apprenticeship which finishes this summer. After it I am going to Milan.

M:I am Maurice Sinclair. I am 22 years old. I live in Switzerland and work as a model and a photographer full time. I do photography my whole life but for work from two years.

(you can see some of Maurice’s photography on his web page and stay tuned on Facebook )


The Sensation in our spotlight, DJ Bram Fidder!

Bram Fidder

We met Bram Fidder, the golden boy of the Dutch Techno music scene. Being only 22 and rocking the wildest parties and clubs in Amsterdam and the whole Netherlands, he already reached one of the highest tops for which every electronic music artist dreams of. This weekend our spotted talent is performing at Sensation Amsterdam 2015 ‘’The Legacy’’! We asked Bram a few questions about the spectacular upcoming event, his career and future plans. Read what he shared with us in the following lines and dive into Bram’s world full of music. Stay tuned because we are sure that his talent will lead him far and we will be there to spot him! DJ Bram Fidder in the spotlight!


Hi, Bram! Welcome to Spotted Style! Can you introduce yourself to our followers?
Thanks for having me here at Spotted Style! I am Bram Fidder, 22 years old, living in Amsterdam and dedicated to loving music, loving to perform, and creating a dream coming true at the moment.

What kind of music are you producing and can you describe your biggest passion?
I started out a long time ago playing drums. Full in it I found love for strong pulling underbelly rhythms quite early. The feeling of a strong groove, and a bassline pulling tech-house track combined with rhythmic and ecstatic vocals is what I aspire to perform while playing in a club or at a festival.
Realizing in what kind of world we are living in, I have the strong feeling that we are equal in many ways. My passion (and sound) is all about bringing people together. Striving after an energy in the room in which everybody unites and celebrates life is my goal.

Who else stays behind you and the name Bram Fidder?
In the last 4 years, I always kept an eye out for people that inspire me and from who I feel an energy that fits my flow and sensitivity for passionate people. It really gives me a good feeling when I see passionate people feeling perfectly in place in what they do. Around me I have these kind of people in different ways; my good friends who are taking care of tour management and photography on the road are an important part in this. Being together with the energy of good friends I feel at my best and always ready to perform and focus on delivering. Then there is my always focussed and hard working management and bookers; who are taking care of everything that makes the road to a dream coming true more intense and make sure it all works out fine. (more…)

Danique Dobbe from Monday Is a Basic Bitch in the spotlight!

Danique Monday is a basic bitch

Hi, Danique! Besides being the person who stays behind the popular rebel label ‘’Monday is a basic bitch’’, how would you describe yourself to our followers?

Hi Spotted Style followers! My name is Danique, but you can call me Daan. I love dancing till the sun comes up. I can watch for hours  pretty rebels as Daria Werbory, Erin Wasson & the Dutch Iman Whitfield. I enjoy to be surrounded by happy people and I prefer to live in men shirts.


Can you tell us more about your brand? When was the idea born and how it all started?

MIABB (Monday Is a Basic Bitch) originates from my own lack. While I was shopping in Stockholm, London and Amsterdam I have visited so many shops for some pretty basics, for a good price with a tomboy twist.  I came home so grumpy every time, because I didn’t found it AGAIN. After internships in the fashion world & with my study graphic design it started to tickle, and I thought: why don’t I do it by myself?


Since when fashion is such an important part of your life and how would you describe your own style?

When I was 12 years old I thought it was nice to be a fashion designer. I could be sweet for days with cutting and pasting from clothes out of magazines and make sets. The dream of being a fashion designer didn’t last really long (something with the sewing machine which I can’t get on) but the love for fashion and clothes stayed. This love grew into a lifestyle. I’m crazy about everything from the men’s department, prefer to wear shirts and because of my 1.78meter I am a fan of sneakers. My style? Tomboy meet cool meet comfy.


Did you ever dream about starting your own label and creating clothing? What is the feeling to run your own company at your age?

The weird thing is that I still live in one big bubble. Many people around me say: “Daan what you are doing, is a dream of every girl”. I don’t see it like that, I have a goal, to let all pretty rebel girls wear items from miabb. And I think it’s positive that I’m only 20, I can learn so much and also to fail, but I also think  failing is really scary.


What is the key to success for breaking into the fashion industry nowadays and what is the thing that makes ‘’Monday is a basic bitch’’ so and special?

The power of MIABB is her own progressive, but own identity. I think it’s important that you girls, can associate with the brand, the style and the atmosphere. It doesn’t need to be just another webshop, but a lifestyle. Look, it’s so awesome, girls recognize MIABB on the palm tree, so the palm tree is provisionally not too think away at MIABB. Also you need to stay fresh in your concept, that’s why I want to work per collection with new photographers, designers and models, to create and inspire each other. Social media is a Pre, as an internet entrepreneur you NEED to have Instagram, on Instagram you can show all your creativity and style. (more…)

Pablo Lücker in the spotlight!


I had the pleasure to meet the creative artist and DJ Pablo Lücker from Puresang in Amsterdam! Curious to find out more about his extraordinary ART EXPO PABLO LUCKER at VondelCS I asked him a few questions about his work of art, inspiration and successful collaborations with Porsche, Wednesday Whiskey and Hennessy. The talented Pablo graduated from Design Academy in Eindhoven and over the years he developed his own style and special signature. Led by his biggest passions in life- art and music, he travels the world and finds inspiration all around. Meeting the positive, ambitious and passion driven Pablo was more than interesting. His enthusiasm is contagious! Read the full interview, take a look at the gallery and dive into the colorful imaginary world of our spotted designer! Pablo Lucker in the spotlight!


Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
I am Pablo and I am 30 years old. I am a designer, a DJ. And I make art.

Your last successful project is the ART EXPO PABLO LUCKER. Can you tell us more about it? What inspired you to create it and how did you get so passionate about it?
I had the chance to do an art exposition. It was at Vondelpark, at the VondelCS. Beautiful environment and big building with enough space inside and outside. I was working for this project and cooperated with different brands in order to show that art is more than paintings. If you have a strong handwriting you can use it and apply it on cars, bathtubs or even shoes.


Spotted! Joyce Bakker and Style Resort


Hi, Joyce! Most of our followers already know you since you were one of our first spotted models! Can you introduce yourself to the ones who still haven’t met you yet?
Of course! My name is Joyce Bakker and I’m a nineteen-year-old Interior designer, blogger and model. And from today on Founder and Editor-in-chief of Style Resort! My whole life I have lived in Friesland, but you can find me in Amsterdam all the time.

You started a new project, called Style Resort! Based on the lifestyle posts, we guess there is no surprise that Spotted Style is one of your biggest fans! Can you tell us more how the idea of Style Resort was born and what is its concept?
Style Resort was born out of the love to share my adventures and things that make me happy with other people. I made it because I want to provide the people, which are always looking for new things with loads of inspiration and beautiful things. And when I say things it can about be so many subjects, because I like to blog about all of them! For example: Interior design, fashion, beauty, hotspots, events, people and more.
The concept behind Style Resort is that it’s from the reader for the reader, because I would happily welcome some new enthusiastic (also male) bloggers who also would love to share their adventures! So we can all give each other inspiration and tips about things, stuff to buy and people to meet.

What are your favorite topics that you will blog about and what your followers can expect from the Style Resort?
My personal all time favorite topics to blog about would be: Hotspot and Events. Because I’m always on the road and I come across so many nice, beautiful and rememberable places and events. And it would be a pity if other people would never know about the existence.
Followers can expect that we will bring some of the greatest parties/events that The Netherlands can give to you, interview interesting people, test the newest hotspots, select favorites that we have personally tested and blog about many other different subjects. (more…)

Spotted! David L. Turner, the Creative Director of Katrhyn Milan



Last week Spotted Style was invited to visit the beautiful showroom of Kathryn Milan in the center of Amsterdam. I met and interviewed the ambitious fashion entrepreneur, designer and Creative Director David L. Turner and members of his team. Curious to find out more about the man behind the brand, who is the Kathryn Milan woman and KM24 man next to her. After getting all the answers to my questions, David showed me each piece from his last collection “Every leaf is a flower’’ and some of the statement garments from the last seasons. Taking a closer look at the garments, each of them with a special attention to detail, falling in love with the elegant style and grace of Kathryn Milan was inevitable. High quality, precisely selected fabrics from all around the world and a perfect fit are part of the DNA that creates the Kathryn Milan/ KM24 brand. You maybe wonder the same as I did before I met David… Who is she? Let me tell you more about her and reveal the secret!

Kathryn Milan 2

Kathryn Milan is the star and she has her own style. What about the KM24 man next to her? He happens to be a very handsome co-star who understands her world and doesn’t mind her being in the spotlight even if people are taking pictures of her all day and night. He is secure in who he is, he adores her and that is part of their relationship. With the upcoming summer, he will take a little step back and will let her shine in the spotlight with the new collection which you can expect in the next few months. David shared that we can expect beautiful dresses and he is excited about the new collection which is different. Different is not a bad word and he wants to keep the thing interesting and classy. The Kathryn Milan team is currently working on the launching of the web shop. This is an exciting new business venture for the additional growth of the company. Besides working on the new collection, David travels a lot and his journeys give him inspiration for future projects. A few weeks ago he was in Morocco and this month he is going to Singapore. Read the full interview and stay tuned for more news about Kathryn Milan/ KM24 on Spotted Style.

Kathryn Milan


Spotted Style meets Amsterdam Style Hunter


Hi, dear Spotted Stylers! On 16th of May, I went to the first Fierce Fashion Festival, organized by ModeMusthaves! You can read more about the event by clicking here! While walking around the fashion festival full of pretty boho inspired dressed girls with wildflowers in their hairs, a stunning enthusiastic girl came to me and told me she would like to spot me. As you may guess, she got my attention immediately with the expression ”spotted”. More than curious to hear what stays behind her idea, I had a little chat with her before the next DJs start playing. So, this is how I met Milou, the founder of  Amsterdam Style Hunter! Right after the festival, I saw her business card and checked her Instagram account. Now, it is my turn to spot her because she is a dictator of a good taste! Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with her, talking about blogging, work and future collaboration. Read more about the Amsterdam Style Hunter and stay tuned to see more of Amsterdam Style Hunter and Spotted Style! Coming soon!



Hello, Amsterdam Style Hunter! First of all, thank you for spotting me! It was a nice surprise! Can you reveal the secret and tell to our Spotted Style followers who are you?

My name is Milou, I’m 21 years old and I’m a law student living in Amsterdam. (more…)

Elise Bak and The Pure Companions in the spotlight!


Hi, dear Spotted Stylers! We hope you are having an amazing weekend!
After we had the pleasure to have Evie and Fabienne from Models love food as our first guest bloggers, it is time to introduce you our new spotted talent the next week! Elise Bak is the founder and editor of the creative blog The Pure Companions! Passionate about travelling, stories, design, art and lifestyle, the 21 years old Elise started the inspiring concept of The Pure Companions! Read more about our new spotted blogger! The Pure Companions definitely turned into one of our favorites and if travelling, companions, lifestyle and art sound to you as magical and exciting as they do to us, we are sure it won’t take long until you turn into a true Pure Companions fan! Read what Elise shared with us and stay tuned next week to dive in to the inspiring world of Elise and her pure companions…

My name is Elise (21) and I am the creator of The Pure Companions. The idea behind this blog is to provide a collection of stories and posts written by “pure companions”: friends, family and me who travel, love to be creative and whom are inspired by the things around us. It is not a one person-centered blog about his or her stories and outfits: It combines multiple individuals, entrepreneurial stories, creative artists, travel journals, look books and taking and sharing photos of people and things that inspire us.

The Pure Companions