All that glitters is not gold, Marjan for Vogue NL


All that glitters ain’t gold but all that Marjan takes part in, turns into one. Our spotted Golden girl Marjan Jonkman makes the summer July/ August issue of Vogue Nederland even prettier with her editorial full of fashion and glam. The legendary Dutch top model is photographed by Marc de Groot and styled by Dimphy den Otter for the fabulous fashion story. On the pictures the successful hot blond is wearing glittering and metallic pieces of designers and luxury fashion brands as Chanel, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Emporio Armani, Ashish, Philipp Plein, Saint Laurent, Dior and others.  Inside the magazine, at ”Meet Marjan”, you will find her interview for the fashion bible. If you haven’t read it yet, go and grab the issue full of all the hots for this season! 



Model of the week: Jeske from OMG Model Management


We are starting a new weekly edition of publications with our favorite models! Every week you can find new faces that climbed the first places in our spotted list with models to watch. Find out who are the new names in the Dutch modelling scene and what are the reasons to give them our spotlight!

We would like to start the fashion series with a standout model that you may already know! A while ago  beauty queen Jeske van der Pal from OMG Model Management gave an interview for our followers and shared more about her life as a model. Back then, we predicted that her modelling path will be full of success and she keeps on heading upwards, proving this to everyone with her hard work, dedication and beautiful results.

The 19 years old Dutch model is signed with the unique placement agency OMG Model Management and is also represented by top agencies worldwide as Premium Paris, Bravo Tokyo, Dolls Taipei and Wm Bangkok. Lately the OMG pride was spotted with her beautiful shoots for Elle, Numero and L’officiel. Read below what the OMG beauty shared with the team of Spotted Style about her latest modelling experience and take a look at her new editorials. 


Spotted It Couples! #IonlyDateModels


Vera van Erp from Code Management and Gijs Bouwens

The ones who follow Spotted Style since its start know and maybe have our oversized popular T-shits saying ”I only date models” which we were giving away at the beginning. Taking into account how fast we ran out of them and how much we all laughed, maybe I will make happy some of you with the fact that I am considering to start that joke again! No offence for the  non-modelling part of our auditory, I am not modelling myself as well but if I have to open up my spotted diary, I can’t deny the fact that I had reasons to wear the T-shirt. Models can be quite fun and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a doll faced beautiful girlfriend or hot six pack boyfriend by their side?

I still have one of these I Only Date Models t-shirts and it turned into my favorite one to wear in the house, early in the morning, when my hair is messy in a bun and it’s time to drink my coffee and be creative! My roommates always make jokes  that I date models, when they see me wearing it. Let’s  leave the joke aside. Even though it doesn’t always say the truth about me, there are some spotted boys and girls in our spotlight today who may need that t-shirt in their closet, because they are dating some of the prettiest top Dutch models! Take a look at the spotted happy It Couples of Spotted Style! (more…)

Lara Roozemond from Touche Models on Acting

Hi, Lara! Welcome back to our spotlight! Today we have new reason to spot you and we want to let our and your followers to know about it!Can you share more about your new study?
I am currently studying at FAAAM – Film actors academy Amsterdam. It is a two years
study, four evenings in the week. I am combining this study with another course at Kemna Casting called: De Jaargang. This is a one year course every Monday.
When did u start acting and How did you become so passionate about it?
The first movie I played in is called Erwtje, written and directed by Sylvia Holstijn. I was very young but already loved acting then. After that I played in several musicals and theatre performances. When I started modeling I got the chance to play in some commercials and music videos. This went really well and so I started following acting courses in Amsterdam. My passion for acting grew into something I wanted to do every day! When I was working abroad for a longer period, I missed the trainings and decided that I
should focus more on acting. Therefore, I auditioned for Faaam and De Jaargang.
What is the last movie you saw?
I watched Good Will Hunting again on Netflix last night.



Melody Vroom takes us inside her Life of a Model


You all know Melody Vroom, one of our first spotted models and constant ones in our spotlight! Melody has been blogging for you on different model related topics- healthy lifestyle and food recipes, backstage reports and travel journals! We did a short interview with her at the very beginning of our page and things have been changed for both Spotted Style and her since then. We thought it’s time for a little update, catch up and look inside Melody’s career and life of a model! We talked with her about modelling, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and her dreams. Having Mel in the spotlight is always a pleasure and we had fun while spotting her for one more time! Read her full interview and stay tuned on Spotted Style! Melody has a surprise for all of you coming this month and yes, it’s all about fashion! We are sure you will love it!

Hi, Melody! For the ones who are getting to know you now, can you share more about yourself? How long ago did you start modelling and which agencies are representing you?

I’m a 17 year old girl who was raised in the Netherlands and who now lives in Germany. I started modeling about one and a half year ago, and I can’t wait until I finish school so I can start doing this work full-time! My mother agency is Wilma Wakker in Amsterdam, and I’m also represented by Why Not in Milan and The Hive in London.


Spotted!Interview with Daphne Kooy from Dune Agency!

Daphne by Nicky O (7)


Today we are glad to have a model and a blogger in the spotlight! Say hello to the Dutch beauty Daphne Kooy from Dune Agency! Daphne is 18 years old, born and living in Utrecht and represented also by  2morrow Model Milan, London Mgt group Sydney, Uniko Barcelona, Body & Soul Hamburg, IMM Europe Dusseldorf, Le Management Denemarken/Sweden and Modelfabrik Berlin. Daphne started modelling at age of 15 and that was the moment when her life turned into a different direction and changed in a positive way. She shared with us more about her modelling life and experience, her personal blog and gave some beauty tip for you! Curious to get to know her better? Read the lines below and make sure you take a look at her amazing blog! Daphne Kooy in the spotlight!

Hi, Daphne! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
Hi! I’m Daphne Kooy, I’m 18 (almost 19) years and I’ve been modeling for a while now. Also I have my own blog were I write about modeling, food and lifestyle.
How long ago did you start modelling and did it change your life in some way?
I started modeling when I was 15, so almost 4 years now. It really changed my life (in a good way)! I started eating a lot healthier and started working more often. Now its just a way of life and with or without modeling I will always keep living a healthy lifestyle for sure.
Have you travelled a lot because of work? What was the destination of your last trip?
Yes! I traveled a lot the past year! My last destination was Barcelona. I’m in love with that city!
What does it take to be a successful in the modelling industry and what is your advice for the newcomers?
I think it’s important that you are confident but stay true to yourself. Never starve yourself but just live healthy, take every chance you get and show your real personality. Its not only about looks but also about your personality. Just be healthy, happy and work hard. That’s all you can do. And always remember that it’s not personal if a client won’t book you. Maybe your just not the type they’re searching for.
Can you tell us what is the thing that you love most about your job?
You have an amazing personal blog! We follow it and we love it! Do you want to tell more about it for the people who don’t know yet about it?
Thankyou! That’s so nice to hear! I Have my own blog: Where I write about my life as a model, food, health and more. I love baking healthy pies and cakes and making new recipes. I want to show people that healthy food can be delicious and fun! You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight and I want people to know that! You can live healthy and still enjoy good food! I also like to show you guys some things about my personal life and my experiences with modeling and fashion.
Daphne by Nicky O (1)


Anouk Thijssen in the spotlight! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We will continue with one more Elite Amsterdam story and welcome the other winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 Anouk Thijssen in our spotlight! The fifteen year old beauty grabbed our attention immediately when we spotted her incredible presence on the catwalk and a few hours later, she became the new Elite future star. She gave an interview for Spotted Style days before the big final in Milan and shared with us her excitement. You can support our Dutch Elite Model Look winners Anouk and Mattia by giving your votes. We wish both of them goodluck in Milan!

Hello Anouk! Congratulations on being one of the winners of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015! For us it is a pleasure to have you at Spotted Style! Would you share a few words about yourself with our followers? What is your age and where are you from?

Thank you! I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Wijchen, a town in the east of The Netherlands. Five days a week I go to school and in my free time I am with horses for grooming and riding. I love shopping and I often read beauty tutorials on the internet.

How did you decide to sign for the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 castings? Was it always a dream for you to become a model?

The mom of my best friend told me about the Elite Model Look. I thought it’s a great idea, so I decided to sign in. I never thought about becoming a model but now it’s the only thing I want! First I wanted to be an interior architect but now I really want to work as a model.Anouk4-682x1024


Spotted! Melody Vroom from Wilma Wakker Model Management photographed by Philip Riches


Talking about beauty and new outstanding faces from the young generation, we welcome Melody Vroom, represented by Wilma Wakker Model Management in our spotlight. We spotted the Dutch model and her beauty, captured by the amazing photographer Philip Riches.

The young spotted lady can be taken as a great example of an ambitious and determined person who follows her dreams and passions. Melody works hard on achieving her goals, while being an endless inspiration and motivator for many models to transform their lifestyle and way of eating into a healthy one, that will lead to better life. Melody is a proof that one’s commitment to a modelling career can unfold limitless opportunities and we are sure that her presence in the modelling scene will be one to remember. Melody Vroom in the spotlight! 

You can see more of Melody’s portfolio on the webpage of her agency herePhilip-Riches-2


Tessa Westerhof from Wilhelmina London in our spotlight!

As an editor, I am extremely happy to introduce you Tessa Westerhof! The model that I have been looking for a very very long time. Luckily I found her and here is the right time to quote one of my favorite sayings ‘’What you seek is seeking you.’’ , because it seems that Tessa has been looking for us as for a while as well. Since today on, she will be blogging for our Spotted Style followers and share her modelling experience by giving you tips and guidelines for new faces that are just entering the fashion industry. And now maybe wonder what is her story… We met her for an interview and asked her a few questions. Below you can find more about the Dutch beauty in our spotlight!
Tessa was born in Den Haag, The Netherlands and is currently living in London with her boyfriend. Tessa’s modelling story started when she was 14 and came for the first time in Amsterdam. That was the day when her life got into a different direction and she got scouted. Today Tessa is represented by Wilhelmina London, Uno Barcelona/ Madrid, Iconic Germany and Supreme Paris. Read her full interview and stay posted to read her model blogs from London! The first one is coming later today and it is all about how to survive fashion week as a model! So in case you are not experience with the castings, it may be very useful for you!


Spotted! Esther Bunk from VDM Model Management

Pictures by David Cohen de Lara
Pictures by David Cohen de Lara

The next model from VDM Model Management that we interviewed is Esther Bunk. She is 15 years old, born and living in Groningen and still in high school. Esther is modelling since 2013 and that was the year when her life started changing. A while ago she was spotted walking a show during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Our new spotted girl plays volleyball on a high level which helps her stay in a good shape. After graduating from high school she plans to take a year off and focus on modelling. Esther also has an ambition to continue her education in a university after she gains more experience in the fashion industry. Sounds like a good plan and until its realization, we will keep you posted about Esther’s modelling career!

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