Interview with Dennis Buist, Touché Models

Good morning, Spotted Stylers! Time to rise and shine and check what’s new and hot on our blog! We are starting our happy Tuesday with an interesting interview for you of Dennis Buist from Touché Models! The 29 year old Dennis is also represented by Spin Models Hamburg and Joy Models Milan.With his 10 years experience in the modelling industry, he shared some tips for all new comers and told us more about his life. Read the interview below and stay tuned to find out who are the next Touché faces in our spotlight this week. 

Robert Mitchell from Touché Models in the spotlight!

Today we welcome in our spotlight the 22 years old Robert Mitchell, one of the hottest boys of Touché Models! Besides his modelling work of a successful face of the leading Dutch model agency, Robert is popular for being the fashion influencer behind the rapidly growing blog 
He is represented by agencies all around Europe – Touché Models Amsterdam (mothers agency), Spin Hamburg, Independent Milan, Premier London and Talents Munich. His attractive appearance, hot looks and professional attitude make him a desirable model to book and definitely one to watch for us from Spotted Style!
Robert was born and lives in Rotterdam, where he finished his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Currently today’s spotted star is focused on planting his future with success by finishing his Masters degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. What follows next for Robert? He shared with us that full time modelling is part of his planning! Read our interview with him to get to know him better and stay tuned with his career and fashion happenings by following him on Spotted Style and his Instagram account: @byrobertmitchell

Thomas Nelissen, the rising star of Touché Models!


Hello Spotted Stylers!

Today the news from the modelling scene in the Netherlands are all about the new face of Touché Models! All eyes on Thomas Nelissen! The 19 years old Dutch wonder, who amazed us with his strong presence in front of the camera and cheerful personality!

The summer seems promising for the new rising star of Touché Models, who is kicking off his career with his first modelling trip to one of the world’s most important fashion capitals- Milan. With his strong will power, ambition and determination we are sure he will build a successful career.

Thomas worked on his first photoshoots with the talented photographers Jacob van Rozelaar and Tim van der Most – What about Fish. Take a look at the pictures and make sure you follow the spotted boy, who will move forwards to the fashion tops with his infinite potential and set the modelling world on fire! Thomas Nelissen in the spotlight!


Spotted It Couples! #IonlyDateModels


Vera van Erp from Code Management and Gijs Bouwens

The ones who follow Spotted Style since its start know and maybe have our oversized popular T-shits saying ”I only date models” which we were giving away at the beginning. Taking into account how fast we ran out of them and how much we all laughed, maybe I will make happy some of you with the fact that I am considering to start that joke again! No offence for the  non-modelling part of our auditory, I am not modelling myself as well but if I have to open up my spotted diary, I can’t deny the fact that I had reasons to wear the T-shirt. Models can be quite fun and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a doll faced beautiful girlfriend or hot six pack boyfriend by their side?

I still have one of these I Only Date Models t-shirts and it turned into my favorite one to wear in the house, early in the morning, when my hair is messy in a bun and it’s time to drink my coffee and be creative! My roommates always make jokes  that I date models, when they see me wearing it. Let’s  leave the joke aside. Even though it doesn’t always say the truth about me, there are some spotted boys and girls in our spotlight today who may need that t-shirt in their closet, because they are dating some of the prettiest top Dutch models! Take a look at the spotted happy It Couples of Spotted Style! (more…)

Spotted! The success story of David Binoth from Max Models

David for Versace show AW16
David for Versace show AW16

We haven’t posted interviews with models for a while, but the wait was worth it. Why? Read the following lines to find out! Today we have a success story to share with you, of someone who seems to be born under a lucky star- David Binoth from Max Models! He is 23 years old, born and living in Amsterdam and studying Law. David is also represented by Success Paris, D’ men Milan, DNA New York and The Suqad London. Started modelling less than an year ago, he already lived in New York, walked fashion shows exclusively and his first big shoot was for Calvin Klein. Right after David came back from the last Fashion Week, where he walked shows for Versace and Emporio Armani, we interviewed him, curious to find out how he made his way to the top of modelling. Read more about his ‘’unexpected twist’’ story and follow him on Spotted Style! We promise to keep you posted! David in the spotlight!

David for the WW Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell styled by David Bradshaw
David for Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell

Hi, David! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
I’m David Binoth, I’m 23 years old and trying to do be both a law student and do modeling.

How long ago did you start modelling and did it change your life in some way?
I think I started about 9 or 10 months ago. It changed my life in a way I couldn’t imagine when signing the contract. I thought I would just work every once in a while and combine it with the job I had at the time. For some reason I didn’t have a very glamorous idea of the fashion industry. Therefore getting flown over to all these different cities, sleeping in luxurious hotels and being treated a certain way was – and still is – very overwhelming to me. (more…)

Spotted Mattia Creanza! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We were honored to attend the finals of the modelling event of the year in Amsterdam, Elite Model Look 2015. Due to the hard work of the directors Suzanne Pots, Mauro Da Silva and the whole Elite Amsterdam team, the event was on a world class level and the agency deserves big applause! Same goes for all the young boys and girls who did their best at the contest, chasing their modelling dreams.

We were in a mood for spotting and capturing glamour, so we couldn’t miss to interview the winner Mattia Creanza! The promising 15 year old Elite Amsterdam model was born in Blaricum and is currently living in Hoogblokland. Read the lines below to find out what he shared with Spotted Style and follow him on Instagram @mattiacreanza. You can support the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 winners Mattia and Annouk by giving your vote.

Hello Mattia! Congratulations on your Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 success! Can you tell more about yourself to our Spotted Style followers?

Thanks! I am a Dutch boy living in the countryside. I was born in Blaricum, near Amsterdam and lived there for approximately four years. Then I moved to the place where I still live right now. My hobbies are: going to the gym, skiing, running and hanging out with friends. After my graduation, I hope to become a vet besides modeling.

We remember that we heard an interesting fact about you at the end of the night of the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 event. You are half Italian, right? Where were you born and what is your story?

That’s correct. My father is from Italy and when he fell in love with my mom he decided to move to Holland. That’s more than 20 years ago. In 2000 I was born and here I am. I speak Italian, I think that is an advantage because the final will take place in Milan. Italy is my second home country and I always like to go there. Friendly people, great food, beautiful cities and of course an amazing fashion.unnamed-1-683x1024



Spotted the fashion influencer Robert Mitchell!


If you are a true Spotted Styler, you already know Robert Mitchell van de Pas who was one of the first male models that we interviewed during our ‘’Gentleman in the spotlight ‘’ week last year in November. His modelling work was the first reason to spot him and today we have something new going on to tell you about. Around a month ago Robert started his fashion blog where he posts outfits for different occasions. We already told you about his sportive background as a tennis player on a high level in his interview, but he never mentioned about the stylist and the fashion influencer in him. So now we guess you are curious and want to know more about and his fashion signature. To feed your curiosity we asked Robert to tell us more about his new project and if you need a source for daily menswear, his blog could be the right place for it! Go and check it out and take a look at the outfits he chose to share with you!

Hi, Robert! Here we go again! Can you introduce yourself shortly to the ones who have missed your interview last year and tell us more about your new fashion blog How did you come up with the idea to start it?

Hi guys! I’m Robert Mitchell van de Pas and I’m a 21 year old model and business student. Last summer I finished my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and just started with my Master in Entrepreneurship. As a model I’ve done lots of great things and met some great people. Because of my modelling career, I was fortunate enough to work with some great brands. Every now and then, some of these brands would give me some clothes in exchange for an Instagram post on my personal Instagram account. Pretty often, people would ask me questions about where I got my clothes and asked me for advice on for example their clothing or how to do their hair etc.  After a while people starting telling me that I should start a fashion blog and I loved the idea. Coincidentally, during my study we had to do a literature case about fashion bloggers so I got some insights on how it works and got motivated to start my own blog. (more…)

Rian van Gend from IAmELK in the spotlight!


As Ivan Andreas, the owner of IAmELK agency said ‘’I like to discover the raw diamonds.’’, so we do. The next one to observe is Rian van Gend. The model and booker from IAmELK! Rian is also represented by Soul Artist Management (New York), Premium Models (Paris), Fashion (Milan) and SEEDS Management (Germany). With his charm and extraordinary look there is no surprise that he has been booked exclusively and walked shows for Saint Laurent, Walter van Beirendonck, Songizo, Lanvin and at the past Amsterdam Fashion Week we spotted him walking a show wearing the designs of Aziz Bekkoui. With a plenty experience in the fashion industry as a highly successful model he also started working as a booker for IAmELK in 2014. Rian is always the one helping us spot the great IAmELK boys but today he is the one that got spotted! Read what the blue-eyed boy shared with Spotted Style about his work and life and stay tuned for more! Rian van Gend in the spotlight!


Hi dear Rian! Thank you for agreeing to be on Spotted Style! Can you introduce yourself to our followers?
Absolutely. My name is Rian. I’m 28 years old and live in a lovely town called Houten.

As being part of IAmELK, can you tell us more about the agency and since when do you work as a booker?
IAmELK is a young boutique agency with a very personal and hands-on attitude focusing mainly on representing male models. We are well known for scouting models not just with stunning features, but also with great personalities. We focus on working all over the world including Paris, Milan, New York, London and many places in Asia.
I have been working as a booker since August 2014. (more…)

Teddy Jansen in the spotlight!


New boy in our spotlight! We met Teddy Jansen for the first time a few months ago and after spotting him at several fashion events, it was time to spot him for an interview as well! Teddy is 23 years old, modelling for EVD Agency and represented by Stars Model management (Düsseldorf), MGM (Hamburg) and D&A Models (Cape Town). He was born in Haarlem and his current home is Amsterdam. Studying Small Retail & Business Management, Teddy is working on his thesis now. One of his last journeys was to Curacao where he did the minor for his study and lived there half an year, which he describes as one of the best times of his life. After this adventure, a new one started for Teddy! Modelling! Read the full interview to find out what he shared with us and stay tuned! Teddy in the spotlight!



In the spotlight! Davy Swart from Alpha Male Model Management


Photo by Rob Jacobs

We are introducing you one more promising face from Alpha Male Model Management, Davy Swart! He is 16 years old, born and living in Amsterdam and also represented by Success Paris and UNO Barcelona. This September Davy is starting his fourth and final year of high school and we are curious to see where his modelling path will lead him after his graduation. Scouted by his agent Yannick in a movie theater, seems like Davy was the Alpha Male type of face because he got signed a week later. What followed next? Read the interview with Davy to find our more about him and his modelling career!

Photo by Sabine Metz