Sydney blog 3.0 by Myrthe from VDM Model Management

Cronulla Beach
Cronulla Beach

It has been a while since my last blog post. Unfortunately I had a flu last week. Luckily I started to feel better soon, so I still have some things to share with you. I did some awesome shoots this week. One of them was on this beautiful beach. The weather was really  good so that made it even more perfect!

I also did a lot of castings again this week. One day I passed by the University of Sydney on my way to a casting. It was in a wonderful old building so I decided to take a look. It really made me think of Hogwarts.

Chilling at the University of Sydney
Chilling at the University of Sydney


Myrthe from VDM Model Management in Sydney- Part 2


Time flies! I am already for 3 weeks in Sydney! In the beginning I had to get used a bit to the whole living-in-a-big-city-on-the-other-side-of-the-world-all-by-my-self situation. But I really have found my way here now and I can’t get enough of the city.

 As I said before in my last blog, I am staying at Bondi. This week I discovered the ‘’Bondi to Bronte walk’’. It is a walk through the most beautiful bays and beaches. Instead of walking it I prefer to run the route. I signed up for a gym in Bondi, but that is actually super boring when you compare it with a workout with this kind of beautiful views! 

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Melody’s Trip to the USA – Travel Journal

White Mountains

The roadtrip in the United States with my family was definitely one of the best holidays I have ever had! In this post I will describe our journey, but not with too much details because if I would, this would be a really long post haha!

We traveled to New York on July 13th and we stayed there until the 15th, which was my birthday! How cool, I got to spend my 17th birthday in the city that never sleeps! We saw the typical tourist things like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the National Museum of Natural History and much more, it was amazing.

View from Empire State Building
View from Empire State Building

We had to pick up our camper in Washington, so that’s where our actual road trip started. We stayed there for 2 days and we saw a lot of beautiful buildings in those days! I especially liked the Supreme Court and the White House.

The next city was Gettysburg. This is where part of the American Civil War was fought. We visited the visitor center of the battlefield and we also came across a camp with a lot of horses. My entire family loves horses so we loved to see that! Next stop: Niagara Falls. We first looked at the Falls from the American side at night, and the next day we crossed the border to see them from the Canadian side. This was one of the most beautiful things we saw in my opinion!  (more…)

Dido Jakel from OMG Model Management in Milan


It was the second time that I visited Milan while being signed with Monster Management. I’m absolutely in love with the city, not because of the buildings or the people but I just feel at home when I am there.And for sure it is not a disadvantage that the food is amazing and that the weather is great haha.

The first few days were incredibly warm, 37 degrees can be good but not if you have 4-5 castings a day and you have to run to be able to get there in time. Than it’s awful when its so hot, but at least you already have one topic to talk about when you are waiting for a casting… When I run somewhere, my face immediately becomes really blushy, not the cute rosy-cheeks but like the total-face blush. The first few days I didn’t really care but later I thought I might not get the jobs if it looked like I was exhausted, so I made sure I’d take 10 minutes of rest before going into every casting, which certainly helped haha.

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My first few days in Sydney! Travel journal by Myrthe from VDM Model Management


I have always dreamed of going to Australia. So I got super excited when my booker told me that I was going to Sydney for 6 weeks! On to a new adventure! On Sunday the 19th of July I went to the Amsterdam Airport. My super sweet friends and family were there with me to say goodbye. This is the first time that I will be from home for such a long time, and I am really going to miss them. The flight took 24 hours and I was really exhausted when we landed. But there wasn’t any time to be tired and jetlagged because I had to head to a casting and meet the agency. I am here with Priscilla’s Model Management and they are really nice!

Off to Sydney!


Bye bye Cape Town!- by Cynthia

Hi everyone,
It’s time to say goodbye… My last week in Cape Town was GREAT!
Last weekend I went to Cape point with my parents and two of my housemates. It’s a 1,5 hour drive to the most South-Western point of the African continent. The view was amazing!
On Saturday morning I went to the Old Biscuit Mill with my parents, they really liked it! In the afternoon we relaxed at the beach.
Sunday morning my dad and I climbed up lions head.I was so proud of him! It’s not an easy walk… Especially with these hot temperatures, but it’s really worth it!


Cape of good hope. With Natalia & Petra.


Roadtrip! by Cynthia Baremans


On top of Table mountain!

Aaaaaahhh time flies! This week passed by so quickly.
It’s so nice to have my parents here, and I spend a lot of time with them. Since they have a car, it’s so much easier to get around. Last Friday we went to boulders beach, where I made some new friends…Penguins! Last weekend we also drove to Gordon’s Bay, here we just relaxed at the beach for a few hours and then drove to Hermanus. This little town is about two hours drive from Cape Town and very popular in October, then it’s the season to spot Whales. On Sunday we went up Table mountain, such a beautiful view!

Surprise, Surprise!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had a great week!
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post a blog last week. Apparently there’s a virus going around in Cape Town, and guess who got it? ME!.. Not cool!
I had a really bad fever and my whole body was hurting, I couldn’t leave my bed for 5 days! And with 42 degrees it wasn’t really getting better. The doctor came to see me and gave me an injection (AUW!) and some medication. Luckily my roommates were so sweet and taking care of me! After 7 days I finally felt better again.
In the weekend I didn’t really do much, I was still recovering. I did meet with two friends from Holland, so that was really nice!
On Sunday I was on Skype with my sister and she was asking me what my plans were for Monday.. And then she told me she had to tell me something.. But instead of telling me, her boyfriend send me a text message with a ticket. And then they told me my parents were on their way to CAPE TOWN!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised and soooo happy of course! The next day I went to the airport to pick them up and brought them to their hotel. They will be here for 15 days, so we can spend a lot of time together! I’m really excited to show them around
On Tuesday I took them for breakfast at Skinny Legs, of course they loved it! We also rented a car and are planning some nice trips for next week.