Cape Town life – by Cynthia Baremans

CynMy happy face, done shooting for Marie Claire
Good morning everyone,
How are you all? Hope you’re doing great!
I’m already 5 weeks in Cape Town, time flies! It feels so good to be back, like my second home. I’ve started immediately with casting when I arrived and booked already some jobs! Last week I had my first job for Marie Claire magazine! It was a great shoot with a really nice team. We were shooting some winter accessories, so in some shots I had to wear gloves while it’s 27 degrees outside. Luckily we were shooting in the studio, so it was nice and cool!
The magazine is coming out in May and I am already excited for that.
There are a lot of models in town and it’s nice to see some girls I already know! My roommate from last year is here as well, and also one of my Dutch friends Janneke. She was my roommate in Barcelona, that’s were I met her. Then we met back in Amsterdam, Etten-Leur (at my parents house) and in Cape Town 3 years ago! We always find a way to meet. ☺


Tokyo days with Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management


When I came back from Hawaii, my jetlag was doing its work- I woke up many times during the night. I also had to work immediately after I arrived, so I can say it was really tiring experience. One of my good friends from Holland,  Anne Louise arrived that week so we went for a dinner and walked around the city. Saturday morning I was working again for Elle magazine and around 5.50 am, I woke because of a big alarm in the apartment building. First I thought it was an earthquake but then I heard screaming voices in my flat. I went out and there were 2 policeman, 2 fireman, the owner of the building and people standing in their pyjamas.  I was so surprised of the whole situation… Was there  a fire somewhere? Eventually we found out someone pushed the Fire alarm button because it kinda looks like a light-switch in the dark. I wonder if we will wake up if there is a real fire…  



Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted in Hawaii


This week has been so busy! I worked every single day on magazine and wedding shoots… everything went so fast. I got the great opportunity to go to Hawaii for a shoot with Elle Japan, which is amazing! I left on Saturday evening and the time change is huge (19 hours), so I arrived in Hawaii on Saturday morning, which means I could do Saturday 2 times! I was pretty tired already from shooting that day and I can’t really sleep on airplanes.

Once I arrived to the shoot in Hawaii, I fell in love with the style of the clothing picked for the shoot. The shoot location was on the streets of Honolulu and I got to see a lot of cool places. We were done in about 2 hours, so after that I had enough time to see the beach. The weather was amazing there and the view on the beach was breathtaking.

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Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management in Tokyo! Part 2


When I arrived here in Tokyo I thought everything was going to be fine in terms of work, because every time I was in Tokyo, I was working almost every day. Now that I’ve been here for a while I realized that it’s not so easy as I thought it would be to get jobs. Turns out it’s not the best time right now and there are lots of beautiful girls in Tokyo. Fashion week is coming and with my height (I am 174 cm tall) it’s also questionable if I’m going to walk any shows. Luckily I’m still working, even now when it’s not very busy and I’m not working as much as the last time, I still have six more weeks to go! Thank God.

This week passed by more quickly. In the end of the week I noticed that due to extra castings, there was a bit of unforeseen change in my daily casting schedule of which I must admit that I was a bit stressed, but afterwards everything turned out to be fine. On Thursday we had a day off from the castings because of a national holiday in Japan. Some of my roommates and I went to a Japanese restaurant to eat tempura: it’s fried shrimp with fried vegetables and rice. After having this amazing lunch, we went with the four of us to Yoyogipark, where we walked around and enjoyed the sunlight (the weather is getting better and better here!)




Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted back in Tokyo!


Yes, that’s right! I’m back in Tokyo. It’s been one year since my last trip to Tokyo, but I couldn’t have chosen better time than now. In 2015 I had a lot of work, especially in Europe, Asia and in America. Now, in 2016 I am extremely pleased to be back in Tokyo. After an 11-hour flight I wondered how I would survive the first day, because I literally skipped a night. Even though I was really tired, I was thrilled to be back. After I received my luggage, the first thing I did was eating an ‘onigiri’ (Japanese rice ball, usually filled with fish). Apparently you don’t have this in the Netherlands, which is pity. I missed the food and the people so much, it literally feels like I came home. Luckily I could rest a bit to recover when I arrived at my apartment, but in the afternoon I still had some castings to go to. I am sharing my apartment with three Polish girls, they are speaking Polish with each other all the time but I don’t really mind this. I have my own bedroom and I can isolate myself whenever I want to. (more…)

Around the world with Cynthia Baremans


Hi everyone!

How are you all? Hope you’re doing great!
I had an amazing week and would love to share it with you!
Last week I had a really nice job in London, for MUA Cosmetics.

On Monday I arrived in London, and on Tuesday was the first shoot day. It felt good to be back in London, it’s been a while and love that city. Tuesday morning I got to the studio at 8:45. I met the whole team, and we got some breakfast.It was a pretty big team. There was one make-up artist with assistant, one hairdresser, one photographer with assistant, 2 models and 3 girls from the production. After breakfast we started with hair & make-up. They printed out a mood board, and hang it on the wall. It were all different kind of looks, really nice!

Shooting for cosmetics is totally different then for example a clothing line. I got like 3/4 looks for one day, but it takes the whole day. The make-up really needs to be perfect, because that’s the most important. It’s actually really funny, the hair and make-up takes hours. And the actual shoot like 20 minutes. I don’t mind it because it is really cool to see what they can do with make-up and make so many different looks. After two looks, we had a delicious lunch and we finished shooting around 18:00.


Behind the scenes – MUA Cosmetics


Travel Journals from Fabienne Dobbe! Spotted in Istanbul!


Hi, Spotted Style followers!

I am Fabienne Dobbe from Touche Model Management and this month I’m in Istanbul for modelling. I’m writing this travel journal in front of a heating lamp, because I’m freezing at the shoot and  I will tell you everything happening here in a bit!

I had a flight  to Istanbul on the 4th of November after I took my exam at school. During the first two weeks I did everyday castings and during the weekend I was free. So on my first Sunday I visited the Blue  Mosque with my roomies Dorin ( she is from Hungary) and Michalina  (she is from Poland).  After we visited the Blue Mosque we went to a little market next to it  and I bought some Turkish delight from there to bring   home. We went back Home and the week after we did a loooooot of castings again. 


Travel to Instanbul by Macy Grootjen from Modelution

unnamedMy booker from my mother agency Modelution called me on 21st of July and told me that New Models Istanbul want me in Turkey  as soon as possible. So on 27th of July, I flew to Istanbul.

The first days I did castings and on Friday morning I did a fitting for Koton. It was really warm, around 36 degrees. The agency told me in the afternoon that I was booked for Koton the next week. But first I had castings on Monday and Tuesday. I went out for dinner with the Dutch girls from my apartment, we went to Big Chefs and it was delicious! I worked on Wednesday and Thursday for Koton (lookbook). It was a great team to work with and it went very fast with the sets of the clothes.


Goodbye Sydney! by Myrthe from VDM Model Management


I had one shoot my last days in Sydney. The shoot took place on a rooftop in the city. The other models and I had to pretend that we were having a rooftop party. We got to throw water balloons at each other, played ping pong and ate pizza. Doesn’t sound that bad right 😉

I also had a few castings but I was free the  rest of the days so I had time to do the last things from my bucket list. I went to see the sunrise on Bondi Beach for example. It was really cold so I put on my warmest clothes and with some blankets Namara and I headed to the beach at 5 AM.

Watching the sunrise on Bondi Beach, check.


New vlogs by Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management!


There she goes again! Our spotted friend Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management is on a new modelling adventure! This time her first destination is Barcelona where she is going to stay until October and after the Dutch beauty is heading to LA again! Looks like we are not the ones who love Coco and because of the big interest of herfirst vlogs from Tokyo, we will share with you her new vlogs again! You can follow the days of Coco on Spotted Style! Below you can find the first vlogs! Stay tuned for more! (more…)