Smoothie of the week: Extra Detox Drink


You want to get in shape and be ready for the summer? Working out plays important role but lets not forget that eating healthy is part of the process! As we promised you, every week we will give you one recipe, shared by our spotted models! So here is today’s one that will help you detox your body and make your daily routine a bit more delicious! Take your daily portion of vitamins and minerals by trying our Extreme Detox Smoothie! We started the day meeting some of our spotted girls and we had fun in the kitchen, trying different smoothies! We loved them all but today the winning smoothie is the Extra Detox one! Try our healthy drink of the week and start your day in the right way! 

All you need is:
1/2 Carrot, peeled
1/2 Pear
1/2 cup Broccoli florets
1 cup Water

Cut all the ingredients into small pieces, put them in the blender and blend them until smooth and ENJOY!

Power drink: Creamy blueberry-cherry smoothie!


Modelling requires staying in shape and being healthy, so I decided to make my first food post for all spotted models and followers! For sure cooking is not my favorite activity at all and the last place where I can be spotted is the kitchen, but once in a while I like to prepare some healthy dishes and drinks. Everybody who knows me knows the fact that I love cakes and it happens quite often that people ask me how I eat so many cakes and don’t gain weight. If you have ever checked my personal Instagram feed, you would have noticed that and no doubt that the cakes are important part of my life and my daily menu haha! True cake addict here! So to give you the logic answer of the question how I still stay in shape, let me show you that I do not only eat cakes, but I have lots of salads, healthy power drinks and food as well. My favorite one is Creamy blueberry-cherry smoothie! I don’t like buying juice and I like to prepare it by myself. It is fast and easy and I like making it my own flavor, full of vitamins, fresh and cold. Perfect for breakfast or the afternoon! Here is the recipe: (more…)