The comeback


Hello, Spotted Stylers

It’s been almost a year since I stopped blogging but guess what! I am back on board! Today I was checking the archives of Spotted Style. Two years full of fashion, models, fun moments with great people which turned into big part of my life and closest friends … I have to say I missed it very much and the thought of getting back at it has been going around my head for a while. After a few minutes of nostalgia and warm feelings of the great times of SS hit me, I decided to see what has been happening with the Google Analytics over the past year. I was super nicely surprised to find out that even thought it has been literally forever since my last post, there are still people who have been visiting the blog. Well, my true Spotted Stylers, I think I may have something for you…

I am starting to blog again! For the ones who may wonder what made me get back behind the laptop and start typing, the answer is that I am going to be a fashion student at AMFI. It’s a dream come true and a reason good enough to turn Spotted Style into my public fashion diary. Therefore, I believe I will have plenty of reasons to blog and talk about fashion, models and everything that comes on my mind that is worth the blog. Will I have time for it? Ha-ha probably no, taking in mind the busy student fashion schedules, which I absolutely cannot wait for, but I will do my best to keep you posted with my future AMFI adventure.

I hope you will enjoy being back on Spotted Style as much as I do! Stay tuned and till soon!