Robert Mitchell from Touché Models in the spotlight!

Today we welcome in our spotlight the 22 years old Robert Mitchell, one of the hottest boys of Touché Models! Besides his modelling work of a successful face of the leading Dutch model agency, Robert is popular for being the fashion influencer behind the rapidly growing blog 
He is represented by agencies all around Europe – Touché Models Amsterdam (mothers agency), Spin Hamburg, Independent Milan, Premier London and Talents Munich. His attractive appearance, hot looks and professional attitude make him a desirable model to book and definitely one to watch for us from Spotted Style!
Robert was born and lives in Rotterdam, where he finished his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Currently today’s spotted star is focused on planting his future with success by finishing his Masters degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. What follows next for Robert? He shared with us that full time modelling is part of his planning! Read our interview with him to get to know him better and stay tuned with his career and fashion happenings by following him on Spotted Style and his Instagram account: @byrobertmitchell
Hi, Robert! Welcome to our spotlight! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
My name is Robert Mitchell and I’m a 22-year old model and student. I started modelling when I was 18 and my mother agency is Touché Models in Amsterdam. I’m currently enrolled in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Master program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and am graduating this summer. After graduating I want to start modelling full-time. I’m a big fan of sports, especially tennis and soccer. When I was younger I used to play tennis at the highest level and was hoping to become a professional tennis player. However, that didn’t work out due to injuries et cetera, but I still enjoy playing tennis a lot.
How long ago did you start modelling and did it change your life in some way?
About three years ago, when I was 18, nearly 19. It made my life much more diverse. In my opinion modelling is one of the best jobs you can have, especially when you are around my age. You get to travel and meet exciting people, while making some money as well.
Can you name one thing you love most about your job?
Travelling, the exciting, inspiring people you meet and the flexibility.
Have you travelled abroad for modelling? If yes, where and do you have a dream destination you would like to visit?
I have. I work quite a lot in Germany and have been to Paris and Milan as well. However, due to my study, I haven’t been able to travel as much as me and my agencies would have liked. I’m planning on travelling for work more often when I finished my study. My dream destination is definitely Los Angeles. Something about the LA vibe has attracted me since I was young. Besides LA, there are many destinations I want to go, especially the tropical destinations, haha.
What is your favorite shoot/campaign you have done so far and who was the photographer you worked with?
I can’t pick a single one. I have done many shoots over the past three years and enjoy almost every one of them. If I really have to pick one, I would choose a recent campaign I did for Thomas Sabo, which is a German jewelry brand. The client took really good care of the models and they really treated us like superstars, ha ha. Furthermore, the atmosphere during the shoot was great and the whole production team consisted of happy and friendly people.
What does it take to be a successful in the modelling industry? Would you give an advice, based on your personal experience to the young faces entering the modelling world?
Hard work, patience and a bit of luck. First of all, you need to work hard in order to make sure that you have the optimal sizes. Sizes are super important in this industry. Furthermore, most of the time you need a lot of patience. Of course, there are some models who breakthrough very fast and book amazing campaigns right from the start. However, most of the time you have to start at the very beginning and work your way to the top by delivering high quality at every job you book. This gets you new, and sometimes better jobs, and in this way you work your way up. Luck is also a factor that can play a very important part in a modelling career. You need to be lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time sometimes. You need to be the kind of model that casting directors are looking for at that certain time. This requires a bit of luck in my opinion. But to conclude, hard work and patience gets you a long way.
Apart from modelling what are your hobbies and passions that keep you busy?
I enjoy playing sports a lot, like I mentioned earlier. I still play a lot of tennis and also engage in competitions. This is my biggest hobby besides my work. I also love going out with friends and spending time with family and just have a nice time, but I think almost everybody does, right?!
Tell us a spicy fact that we may not know about you?
I’m very competitive. I want to be the very best in everything that I do. This can sometimes be hard in the modelling industry, since you’re very dependent on other people such as casting directors and agencies and simply can’t influence certain decisions.
Did modelling influence your taste when it comes to fashion? Is it something you are interested in?
Besides modelling, I also have a fashion blog that is pretty big, so fashion is definitely something I’m very interested in. I’ve always been into fashion, but I do think that modelling has strengthened this interest since you’re always in contact with cool brands and clothes.
3 songs from your current playlist?
Bryson Tiller – Exchange
Mike Posner – I Took A Pill in Ibiza
Zayn – Befour
Where is the place where you can be spotted, do you have a favorite hotspot?
Not really, I like many different places. Since I live in Rotterdam, I’m usually there. Nice places in Rotterdam would be the Meent or the Witte de With, which are both streets with a lot of trendy café’s and bars. Whenever I go out in Amsterdam, I usually go to the Jimmy Woo or the Chicago Social Club. You can also spot me at the agency office, ha ha. I enjoy stopping by the agency after a job or casting for a quick chat and a coffee.
What makes you happy and what makes you laugh?
Confirming a great job, ha ha. It’s always a nice feeling when you get booked for good jobs. But besides that, I try to enjoy everything I do as much as possible. Besides studying (which I don’t enjoy), this works out pretty well so far!
What does the future hold for you?
I hope for a lot of happiness and success. I feel like the most important thing in life is to be happy and do the things that you love and that will lead to happiness. Obviously, there are always going to be things that you don’t really like but really have to do, but I try to minimalize these things. I hope to live a long and happy life with my friends and family. When I’m old, I want to have the feeling that I really have lived an exciting and happy life and not regret things that I haven’t done.
If you have to give a name to this moment of your life, how this chapter will be called?
Road to Success. I know this sounds a bit trite, but I really feel like everything I do at this point in my life will eventually lead to the success that I desire.
If you could tell something to the whole world, what would it be?
Try to be happy and do the things that you love to do. Too many people are worried about things that are not worth worrying about and just live their life without really living it, which is a waste. If everybody would just try to be happy, kind to other people and enjoy their lives, the world would be an even better place.