Interview with Veerle Gorter, director of Max Models

Hello, dear Veerle! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
I’m the director of Max Models and working for more than 5 years now with Max Models.
Can you tell us more about the agency and since when are you part of it?
We are a model agency based in Rotterdam and started more than 25 years ago. I started as a booker in 2010 and since the beginning of 2015 I’m the director of Max Models. Max Models is well-known agency with a great and friendly team of bookers and accounting. With personal guidance and great knowledge of the market we build the careers of our models. This is what makes Max Models a great agency!

How does the right model for Max Models look like and what kind of quality one needs to be successful in the modelling industry?
The right Max Model is of course great looking and also has something special in their appearance. Something that makes them unique. Besides being good looking our models need to be kind, friendly, professional and confident. We like our models to be spontaneous and outgoing. We love models with unique personality and story.
Who are the new faces of the agency and through what kind of stages of development the models go until they are ready to be full time models? How do you guide and support them?
Our new faces are our youngest Fashion models. The models start with a lot of test shoots to develop their book and to get experience as a model. Catwalk training, food workshops and social media training are also part of the training of our youngest models. Of course their first experience abroad is guided by one of our team members.
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What kind of challenges do you face in your daily work as a director and what do you love most about your job?
As a director and booker of a modelling agency you always have to find the right balance between your models and clients. What I love the most about our job is that we work with people. Every model is different and every model has her/his own story that makes our job so great! It is so nice to find models and see how they develop and become successful in something that they love to do!
The life of a Director of a modelling agency is…
GREAT! My job is dynamic, fun, crazy and hectic.
How does a day at the office of Max Models looks like?
A day at the office starts with lots of emails, phone calls and making proposals for our clients. Most of the days we have models visiting the agency for polaroids, test days and chats regarding their carriers.
What are the latest biggest campaigns with the faces of Max Models and who we should keep an eye on?
Niels Trispel is definitely the one to watch from our male department. He already shot the Coach campaign two times and the Prada campaign. You should definitely keep an eye on our girl Esti van Balen. She shot the Anna Taylor Loft swim campaign, Dutch Vogue and more to come! You can follow Esti van Balen on Instagram @estivanbalen
What we can expect from Max Models in the future?
Great models! Amazing images! And lots of positive energy! So follow us on Instagram or visit our website