ROCYCLE! Party on a bike

I got an invitation for party on a bike from my friend Olivia Cooney, the founder of Pop-Up Fitness. As soon as I heard the word ”party” and that Olivia is involved, I was in because with her the fun was guaranteed! Now you maybe wonder where you can party on a bike? Stop wondering and let me tell you more about my new hobby! The only place in Amsterdam with this hot new concept is ROCYCLE Studios! And our favorite spotted personal trainers Olivia and Bart van Maanen are part of the instructors team!


ROCYCLE offers you a full body 45 & 60- minute workout on a bike, set to candlelight and fueled by epic motivating beats. Once you start the ROCYCLE party and experience the natural high it gives you, you will come to the point when you will find yourself questioning- are you attending a workout class or are you at a party, having an amazing time under the dancing beats.

During your Ro’ride you will train your upper body with light hand weights and handlebar push ups, then finish with head to toe stretching. The ROCYCLE workouts take your mind off everything, as you feel the endorphins running through your veins. In an hour, you will walk out completely revitalized. 

Something else that makes ROCYCLE pretty amazing is that you can go whenever you want. The classes run all day long- from sunup to after sundown – 7 days a week. You can prebook your class online. ROCYCLE  is a pay as you go studio and doesn’t do contracts or hidden fees. You only pay for the classes that you actually use. The studio has everything you could want and need included with every class: bottled water and cycling shoes, workout towels on your bicycle, luxurious, hotel-style towels in the locker rooms, and showers stocked with Zenology’s organic care products.

 There is only one thing I should warn you about ROCYCLE- it is addictive and once you start ROCYCLE-ing, you can’t stop! Right after my first class, I booked a few more sessions! If you follow our Instagram, you probably know that you could win a ROCYCLE class! The lucky one was the model Patty Luijt from De Boekers! Last time at ROCYCLE we spotted some other Dutch models at the class, so our forecast is that ROCYCLE will turn into the next favorite workout for more models! Stay tuned and follow us, because soon we will have another surprise for you and this time you may be the lucky one who joins us!