Inside! Interview with Freek Koster

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picture by Nicole Langholtz

Spotted Style had the pleasure to visit, only a few months after its opening. We were warmly welcomed by the whole team and had the pleasure of meeting Freek Koster, who told us more about the rising platform for models and the Ruby & Rose calendar.

Freek is the director of Touché Models and Future Faces– two of the leading model agencies in the Netherlands, and whose faces are constantly in our spotlight due to their successful careers. After many years of experience in the modelling industry, followed by success, Freek and Marianne van der Gaag came up with the idea to start For those wondering what is, and what is hidden behind its doors, our editor Nadina interviewed Freek for Spotted Style.

After the interview, Freek took us on a tour and showed us around so we could explore! It is located in the heart of Amsterdam, has 4 floors and a beautiful hidden garden. The building is beautifully decorated with style and we loved its interior design. On the first two floors we met the lovely teams of Future Faces and Touché Models. On the 3rd floor is the Accounting department, and sport and health coaching by Dennis de Bruijn. Lastly, on the 4th floor we visited the exclusive gym for models. Besides the team of experts and professionals, there are two special inhabitants of Daantje and Noa- Cocker Spaniel dogs that run around the office and cheer you up with their presence. is the right place, where every model can get professional management and coaching.

We loved and we can’t wait to be back! To get your experience, make sure to visit and read what Freek shared with us in the following lines!logo the modelhouse

Hello Freek, can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?

My name is Freek Koster and I have been in the modeling and fashion business for 27 years. I am the owner of Touché Models, Future Faces Models and since 6 months founder of is a platform where models and experts take you into the world of fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle. Our models show you what is really going on in the modeling industry. We also have a real life you tube series on our platform; this is a real life show about a few of our models: Tamara Weijenberg, Nicky Opheij, Daelorian van der Kolk and Yfke Sturm. They give us a look into their lives as models.

You and Marianne van der Gaag are the founders of Can you tell us more about the project? How did you come up with the idea and what inspired you to create it?

Yes, Marianne and I are the founders. She was a model at my modeling agency 25 years ago. I managed her for years. We got so many questions from girls that would like to know what is really going on in the life of models; what they are doing, what they are carrying in their bag, what kind of beauty products they use. So we thought it would be a good idea to create a platform where everybody can see what models are doing. Three years ago we came up with the idea of

You named the platform, is this the place where every model can find themselves in and what exactly will we see once we go through its doors?

Our main office is next to the Vondelpark. In this building we have Touché Models, Future Faces Models , editorial office, a private gym with a personal trainer who guides our models in sports and food and a kitchen where he teaches the models how to cook healthy ; basically everything our models need is in our building. That is why we call our building The Modelhouse.

What type of content do experts create and do you work with talents outside the experts team?

On our platform you can find a lot of diverse content. Models write about their experiences as models, what they have learned, some tips and tricks, about travelling etc. We try to differentiate ourselves by making a lot of behind-the-scene videos, so people are able to see what a model’s life really looks like. We are a starting platform and still trying to improve every aspect, every day. It is a process of trying to find out what works best.

You are shaping careers of big models from your agencies and in They share information about their lifestyle and modeling experience, which makes the platform quite unique and personal. What else makes so special?

We are able to share news very quickly. When our models have done a big campaign, we are the first ones to know. As of now, we are living in a new generation where social media is becoming very important. I love to look at magazines; it gives me a different feeling when I am reading a magazine instead of looking at a magazine online. But nowadays it is so easy for people to find everything online. Every minute something can change; news is easier and faster to spread through social media, than to publish in a magazine. We have to keep up with this transformation, otherwise we’ll get behind.

What can we expect from ? wants to give its viewers a different perception on the modeling industry. You can find a lot of negative news about models and we would like to show a more positive, diverse and critical look. We are still growing; you will probably see a lot of changes in the future. It is nice to brainstorm with my team. We inspire each other a lot.

Would you like to share more about your fund rising charity idea for the Ruby & Rose foundation?

Ruby & Rose is a very important foundation. We had a meeting to discuss what we could do for this horrible disease. A few women have told me their stories and to hear what they had to go through, made me want to do something for them. We decided to create a calendar with our Touché male models to raise money. We are very proud of the end result. You can buy the calendar here: