Spotted It Couples! #IonlyDateModels


Vera van Erp from Code Management and Gijs Bouwens

The ones who follow Spotted Style since its start know and maybe have our oversized popular T-shits saying ”I only date models” which we were giving away at the beginning. Taking into account how fast we ran out of them and how much we all laughed, maybe I will make happy some of you with the fact that I am considering to start that joke again! No offence for the  non-modelling part of our auditory, I am not modelling myself as well but if I have to open up my spotted diary, I can’t deny the fact that I had reasons to wear the T-shirt. Models can be quite fun and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a doll faced beautiful girlfriend or hot six pack boyfriend by their side?

I still have one of these I Only Date Models t-shirts and it turned into my favorite one to wear in the house, early in the morning, when my hair is messy in a bun and it’s time to drink my coffee and be creative! My roommates always make jokes  that I date models, when they see me wearing it. Let’s  leave the joke aside. Even though it doesn’t always say the truth about me, there are some spotted boys and girls in our spotlight today who may need that t-shirt in their closet, because they are dating some of the prettiest top Dutch models! Take a look at the spotted happy It Couples of Spotted Style!

If you or your other half is modelling, send your couple picture and your names to our email and state your mother’s agency name. We will consider adding you in our next list with Spotted It Couples!

jack and romy

Jack Fenega from Touche Models and Romy Janssen

Romy Schonberger from Wilma Wakker Model Management and Bram Roelink


Lois Schindeler from Elite Amsterdam and Tom Cornelisse from Max Models


Jan-Willem Wesselingh from De Boekers and Anne Bijsmans


Anouk Schouten from Tulip Models and Hugo Geurts


Romee Strijd from Wilma Wakker Model Management and Laurens van Leeuwen

liv and bart

Bart van Maanen from Touche Models and Olivia Cooney


Jamilla Hoogenboom from Micha Models and Sjoerd van der Kruk

 Patty Luijt from De Boekers and Elias Rui who just got engaged! Congratulations! 


Marieke Blankenstein from De Boekers and Onur Dolmaci 


Elise Esseboom from Touche Models and Cameron


Gillis de Wit from IAmElk and Georgia Heinze