Spotted Style is looking for the next top models! Get scouted now!


Have you always dreamt to become a model? In case you did and you still have this dream on your secret ‘’Wish list’’ but you never did something about it, take this as a wake up call! Spotted Style is here to help you! Taking in mind the endless borders of the fashion industry, you may have no idea how and from where to start your modelling career. Don’t panic! That is actually something normal and we will try to guide your way to the top at the beginning! 

Since the start of Spotted Style it happens quite often that we get messages on all kind of social media channels from young girls and boys, asking what they have to do in order to start modelling. One of the consequences of running Spotted Style already for an year an a half is that I constantly spot models everywhere I go and since a while it turns out that I started spotting new faces with potential! Some of these faces get signed in agencies and later the modelling success stories begin! I hope that I can share some of them with you soon!

If you think you can be one of Spotted Style latest finds, read below all you have to do! We will be happy to discover your talent and put you in our spotlight! Great things never came from comfort zones, so don’t be shy and send us your email!

What do you need to do in order to complete your application?

1.Send us 4 natural polaroids:

Full- length, waist-up, close -up and profile

2. Fill in the required information below  and send it to with your polaroids. We promise we will get back to you, if you fit the profile and we will do our best to help you find an agency!

First and Last name:
Short introduction about yourself: 
Mobile Number:
Country, City:
Date of birth:
Hair colour:
Shoe size:
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