Spotted models on Snapchat! Updated list


I downloaded the application Snapchat on my phone more than one year ago, after some of my friends forced me to do it, so we can snap all the time. Well, it didn’t really go as they planned, simply because I was not active on the app. I thought it is too personal and too much effort to take pictures all the time and snap.

Being an editor of Spotted Style and living in the digital era did not give me a big choice when it comes to Snapchat because at one point I start using app. I found it quite easy to stay up to date with the spotted models’ latest work and the things that keep them busy by checking their stories and it became fun snapping with them!  

When I first heard of Snapchat my question was ‘What’s the point of using it?’’ and for the ones who are beginners in snapping, here is a little Snapchat insider with a few reasons  why Snapchat can be fun and a must-do if you are a fashion addict or a spotted model!

Since September Snapchat gave the option to its users at fashion week to send snaps to ‘’Our Story’’, which is a public feed and shows you picked highlights from the fashion events, giving you front row access and an option to watch live the latest shows and happenings. And if that reason is not good enough, here is another one!  Lately many fashion influencers, models and celebs are using snapchat and give us a backstage access to their everyday life and work which feels more intimate and less filtered! Same counts for the Spotted models that we follow on the social media app, which continues to rise in popularity. If you want to know what are our spotted models wearing, where are they travelling to, what kind of food they eat and what campaigns are they shooting,  you can find out by following them on Snapchat! Find the list below and keep on checking it because we will update it every week! If you are a model and want to be on the list, send us a message on our social media channels or an email, stating your name, agency and username! 

Models on Snapchat:

  1. Marjan Jonkman from One Management sc: marjannx
  2. Ichelle Steekstra from VDM Model Management sc: ichelles
  3. Lara Roozemond from Touché models sc: lroozemond
  4. Marieke Blankenstein from De Boekers sc: annamariekeb
  5. Michelle Thijssen from Elite Model Management sc: michellleet
  6. Cynthia Baremans sc: cynnie.b
  7. Nadine Hulleman from De Boekers sc: nachooonadine
  8. Melody Vroom from Wilma Wakker  sc: melodyvroomx
  9. Emily Verleun from Elite Model Management sc: emilyverleun
  10. Kim van de Graaf from Wilma Wakker sc: kimvandegraafx
  11. Nica Gimenez Riera from Euromodel sc: nicagimenezrier
  12. Fee van der Meijs from Wilma Wakker sc: xxfeetjuhxx
  13. Tim Schaap from IAmElk sc: schaaapie
  14. Daphne Kooy from Dune agency sc: daaaphnex
  15. Thomas van Beek from New Generation Models sc: thomasbeekje
  16. Fabinenne Dobbe from Touche Models sc: fabiennedobbe
  17. Evie Lukassen from Future Faces sc: eviiiiel 
  18. Models Love Food by Evie and Fabinenne sc: modelslovefood
  19. Annemijn Bloom from ID Model Management sc: xannemijnxx
  20. Mirthe Hulshof from Micha Moldes sc: mirthehulshof
  21. Sterre Claus from Elite Model Management sc: sterexd
  22. Elise Eseboom from Touché Models sc: eliseanouk 
  23. Odesma Mandos from Max Models sc: odes95
  24. Ronja Amanda from Tjarda Model Management sc: veronzz
  25. Robina Breevart from Micha Models sc: robina123
  26. Aline Trippaers from Touché models sc: alinetrippaers
  27. Milou Koster from Elite Model Management sc: milox2000
  28. Brit van der Voort from Elite Model Management sc: xbrittvdv
  29. Eline van der Bergh from Q’s Models sc: elinee_vdb
  30. Anouk Schouten from Tulip Models sc: anoukschouten
  31.  Jacobien van der Kleij from Wilma Wakker sc: jacobienvdkleij 
  32. Macy Grootjen from Modelution sc: macygrootjen
  33. Eva Hooft from Tjarda Model Management sc: evaagn
  34. Sabien Reintjes from Future Faces sc: sabienreintjes
  35. Elise Burgess from De Boekers sc: xelisejade
  36. Famke Voss from Micha Models sc :famkevoss
  37. Eline van Haasteren from iD/ Ulla Models sc: elinevanhaasteren
  38. Dido Jakel from OMG Model Management sc: dido.jakel
  39. Fleur van Sande from Dune Agency sc: fleurtjevs
  40. Saskia Schrijer from Future Faces sc: xsaskias
  41. Marlies Borrink from Micha Models sc: marliesborrink
  42. Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management sc: coco.tijsma
  43. Julia Voets from Development Elvis Models sc: juvoulets 
  44. Claudia Pollie from Diva Models sc:claudiapollie
  45. Caroline de Booij from Devision Model Management sc:carolinedebooij
  46. Billie Jean Harper from Urban Models Milano sc: billie-jeanxx
  47. Alicia van Schouten from Micha Models sc: alicia120419
  48. Jan-Willem Wesselingh from DNA New York sc: jwesselingh
  49. Cecilia Zevenhek from Starsystem sc: xceciliax