Lara Roozemond from Touche Models on Acting

Hi, Lara! Welcome back to our spotlight! Today we have new reason to spot you and we want to let our and your followers to know about it!Can you share more about your new study?
I am currently studying at FAAAM – Film actors academy Amsterdam. It is a two years
study, four evenings in the week. I am combining this study with another course at Kemna Casting called: De Jaargang. This is a one year course every Monday.
When did u start acting and How did you become so passionate about it?
The first movie I played in is called Erwtje, written and directed by Sylvia Holstijn. I was very young but already loved acting then. After that I played in several musicals and theatre performances. When I started modeling I got the chance to play in some commercials and music videos. This went really well and so I started following acting courses in Amsterdam. My passion for acting grew into something I wanted to do every day! When I was working abroad for a longer period, I missed the trainings and decided that I
should focus more on acting. Therefore, I auditioned for Faaam and De Jaargang.
What is the last movie you saw?
I watched Good Will Hunting again on Netflix last night.


Your last work is a short movie in which you are ‘’acting’’ yourself, and we also spotted you in the video of The Luka State. What stays behind the idea of these projects and how long did you work on them? Did you have fun while filming?
Xena Maria Evers is a filmmaker who I already worked with during a project in Paris. She
wanted to make a movie that introduces me. We did not really have a script and started
filming. We came up with some good ideas along the way and the result is very cool and funny.
Filming the videoclip for The Luka State was pretty intense. We shot the clip in one weekend, so we did not get a lot of sleep, because they were mostly night shoots. The team flew in from London and we filmed in Amsterdam and on the beach in Bloemendaal.
The crew was very professional and Sarah Hartog & Jelle Haen were also in the cast, so we had a lot of fun on set.
Do you think that modelling is helping you to perform better in acting? Do you have a wish role you wanna play one day?
Yes! You are already used to the camera and when you are shooting an editorial you have to tell a story and bring over a certain emotion/expression to the camera.
Because of school you’re not modeling full time at the moment. Do you miss the travelling lifestyle and what are you planning to do when school is over?
I do miss working as model full time, but I do not regret my decision! School finishes in
June and I hope to travel and work more this summer :)
What do you want to achieve in the future, what is your wildest dream when it comes to
modelling & acting?
I would love to shoot an editorial in the desert or with exotic animals and also travel to
Sydney & Los Angeles. With acting I would really love to obtain a leading role in a good movie or a television