Tokyo days with Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management


When I came back from Hawaii, my jetlag was doing its work- I woke up many times during the night. I also had to work immediately after I arrived, so I can say it was really tiring experience. One of my good friends from Holland,  Anne Louise arrived that week so we went for a dinner and walked around the city. Saturday morning I was working again for Elle magazine and around 5.50 am, I woke because of a big alarm in the apartment building. First I thought it was an earthquake but then I heard screaming voices in my flat. I went out and there were 2 policeman, 2 fireman, the owner of the building and people standing in their pyjamas.  I was so surprised of the whole situation… Was there  a fire somewhere? Eventually we found out someone pushed the Fire alarm button because it kinda looks like a light-switch in the dark. I wonder if we will wake up if there is a real fire…  


I went to work and after I went to Shinjuku Park. The pink blossoms are already coming out, so it was really pretty to be seen. In the night I went out for a bit with some friends. Sunday I had a day off and I went to the famous Takashita street in Harajuku with Anne Louise. We went for a crêpe with cheesecake, oreos, strawberry, and wiped cream. It was super delicious. This week the Fashionweek castings are starting, so I think it’s gonna be busy. I also start to work out again so I hope I can combine everything together.