Cape Town life – by Cynthia Baremans

CynMy happy face, done shooting for Marie Claire
Good morning everyone,
How are you all? Hope you’re doing great!
I’m already 5 weeks in Cape Town, time flies! It feels so good to be back, like my second home. I’ve started immediately with casting when I arrived and booked already some jobs! Last week I had my first job for Marie Claire magazine! It was a great shoot with a really nice team. We were shooting some winter accessories, so in some shots I had to wear gloves while it’s 27 degrees outside. Luckily we were shooting in the studio, so it was nice and cool!
The magazine is coming out in May and I am already excited for that.
There are a lot of models in town and it’s nice to see some girls I already know! My roommate from last year is here as well, and also one of my Dutch friends Janneke. She was my roommate in Barcelona, that’s were I met her. Then we met back in Amsterdam, Etten-Leur (at my parents house) and in Cape Town 3 years ago! We always find a way to meet. ☺

After casting break with Janneke


And then the castings.. They can be very funny here, especially the commercial castings. Nothing is to crazy! I jumped  on a trampoline in my underwear for Triumph casting, I had to dance crazy for a deodorant casting (don’t ask me why!) and pretend to be a mom, not very convincing but okay! Every day is different, but I’m enjoying it! 
I’ve also been working on my book here. You have so many great locations. I’ve shot with one photographer I already had contact with back in Holland. We were planning to shoot in Germany, but now we got to shoot in Cape Town! We went to Llandudno beach, such a beautiful location.
cyn5Besides work there’s also time to enjoy the city of course! If you never been to come Cape Town before, I would say COME! 💙Have a great weekend! 
Kisses from Cape Town