Spotted It Couples! #IonlyDateModels


Vera van Erp from Code Management and Gijs Bouwens

The ones who follow Spotted Style since its start know and maybe have our oversized popular T-shits saying ”I only date models” which we were giving away at the beginning. Taking into account how fast we ran out of them and how much we all laughed, maybe I will make happy some of you with the fact that I am considering to start that joke again! No offence for the  non-modelling part of our auditory, I am not modelling myself as well but if I have to open up my spotted diary, I can’t deny the fact that I had reasons to wear the T-shirt. Models can be quite fun and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a doll faced beautiful girlfriend or hot six pack boyfriend by their side?

I still have one of these I Only Date Models t-shirts and it turned into my favorite one to wear in the house, early in the morning, when my hair is messy in a bun and it’s time to drink my coffee and be creative! My roommates always make jokes  that I date models, when they see me wearing it. Let’s  leave the joke aside. Even though it doesn’t always say the truth about me, there are some spotted boys and girls in our spotlight today who may need that t-shirt in their closet, because they are dating some of the prettiest top Dutch models! Take a look at the spotted happy It Couples of Spotted Style! (more…)

Magnetic Daphne Groeneveld spotted for Zoo Magazine


Even she is covered with all that glam and sparkle, I couldn’t mistake that face! Daphne Groeneveld in her full shine for Zoo Magazine! The moment I saw the pictures, I got totally obsessed with them. I started going through the whole editorial and I caught myself staring at it for a while, observing Daphne’s beauty and the creativity of the amazing team behind the editorial for the magazine! Guess you will experience the same effect of Daphne’s magnetic presence in front of the camera! She has been my ultimate favorite model and I have been following her work since a long time. As an editor of Spotted Style I go through numerous editorials and pictures everyday and for me these ones, taken by David Roemer are one of Daphne’s best! I was also amazed by the whole complex work of fashion editor Joanne Blades, whose styling of the set left me totally speechless! Pay attention to the little details, while going through the editorial. Same can be said about the art on Daphne’s face by Ozzy Salvatierra and set designer Jim Gratson! Enough talk from our side from now, we guess you cannot wait to take a look at the pictures below! Miss Daphne Groeneveld in out spotlight!


”Independence Day” with Daphne



After the hot news about Daphne Groeneveld’s collaboration with Zoe Karssen that we told you about last week (check it here),  today more came through our Spotted Style news feed. The hot blond Dutchie, represented by Bloom Model Management (mothers agency) is back on our radar. Natth Jaturpahu photographed our spotted muse for Vogue Thailand. We loved the beauty looks created by hair stylist Shingo Shibata and the pale peachy soft make up, work of Justine Purdue. Fashion editor Yoshihiro Hidaka styled Daphne played with the classic black and white colors and the result can be seen in the strong fashion vision in the editorial. If you look carefully, you cannot miss the statement piece coat, again in colour peach. What do you think of it? We simply love it and we love Daphne’s unique face! And talking about the top model, we have a surprise for you coming tomorrow on Spotted Style! And in case you cannot wait, take a look at our Instagram account for a little preview! 


Estella, Annely and Soekie – Rika Magazine’s new cover girls!


Hello modelling bunnies! How was your Easter celebration? Hope you had a great holiday! We have great new covers with your favorite Dutchies! Guess who we spotted for Rika Magazine! Not one, but three Dutch models grace the latest Spring/Summer 2016 issue- Estella Boersma ( Wilma Wakker Model Management), Annely Bouma ( Ulla Models) and Soekie Gravenhorst ( Paparazzi Model Management). The other spotted models on the covers Adrienne Juliger, Heather Kemesky and Karly Loyce are also part of the magazine and were photographed by Ben Weller, Nick Dorey and Duy Vo.Talking about Dutchies, let’s take a look at the modelling files of our spotlight starts today!  (more…)

Glamorous Jamilla spotted in Space Odyssey, Vogue China!


Glam glam glam! The latest modelling news are all about Jamilla Hoogenboom from Micha Models, who takes over our spotlight again! The ones who are fashion obsessed ( just like us) will appreciate the amazing pics taken by Richard Burbridge of the Dutch top model and the trendy selected wardrobe that you can see in the editorial of Vogue China! Looking at these cool styled glam picks of the fashion editor Brian Molloy for March’s issue, makes us wanna go shopping and renew our wardrobe! Do you wanna join us? You are more than welcome but before we hit the shops, take some inspiration below from Jamilla’s statement jewerly pieces and disco clothes! You may wanna get the look!


La Perla S/S 2016 with Wouter Peelen


Last week we brought to your attention a campaign with two Dutchies in it- Julia van Os from Future Faces (Amsterdam) and Wouter Peelen, represented by Tony Jones Model Management (Amsterdam). If you have missed it, you can  click here to find out which is the campaign we are talking about. But before that, let us give you a quick hot update for the brand La Perla and Mr Peelen who got spotted in it with hotties Natasha Poly, Mariacarla Boscono and Liu Wen! Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are the ones behind it, together with hair stylist Malcolm Edwards. And if you ask us what our first sexy buy is for the season, we would say La Perla! The brand’s luxurious underwear is a trendsetter and if you make that choice, you can’t go wrong! Check  the photos from the new campaign below!


Cato Van Ee with an editorial for Vogue Spain


We have hot news for you during the last week of March. Let us bring the first one!Starting with Paparazzi Model Management’s wonder Cato Van Ee, who got spotted in the editorial of the Spanish Vogue. ”Los Juegos del Frio” was photographed by Dusan Rljin and styled by Ana Tovar. We recognized the Dutch model’s face also from the previous Fall/Winter 2015 campaign of Scotch & Soda. When it comes to the fashion bible of all times, Cato can be spotted quite often inside and outside – on its cover. She rose on Vogue Nederland’s one during November 2014, shot by the talent Paul Bellaart. Observing the facts leads us to one conclusion- the appearance of Cato in Vogue will be continued and we will make sure you hear about it first! Follow Cato van Eee on Spotted Style and all your favorite Dutchies from the modelling scene! 


Maartje with a new cover for Vogue Russia


We are running out of words for Maartje Verhoef from Micha Models who gives us reason after reason to be in our spotlight! Today we have two! The first one is that the Dutch beauty is the spotted model on the cover of April’s 2016 issue of Vogue Russia and the spotted one in the editorial ” The Voice of the Universe”. One of the most talked models of the moment was photographed by Txema Yeste and styled by Olga Dunina, the fashion director of the magazine. Maartje can be a great inspiration for many young models, pursuing a modelling career and definitely a spotted one for us. During the last fashion week, we noticed her appearance on every memorable catwalk.  


Lauren de Graaf’s adventures in Wonderland


Today we are gonna talk about magazines again and especially the model spotted in the new April’s 2016 issue of Vogue China- Lauren de Graaf! I was scrolling down the news feed on social media when a series of pictures caught my attention. The next moment I was already on my laptop, ready to share the editorial with all of you on Spotted Style. Luckily everything is digital today and we don’t need to fly all the way to China to take a look at the Haute Couture story of the glossy pages of the iconic magazine with the spotted Dutchie.

The adventures of Lauren, the top model represented by Elite Amsterdam are photographed by the 23 years old fashion photographer Alexandra Sophie. The young talent behind the camera is based in France – Belfort and Paris and represented by Artsphere. Together with Morgan Preleur, Alexandra co-filmed Lauren for ”Lost in Wonderland” video. Amazed by the French girl’s work, we took a look at her pictures. Is she the next wonder of the photography? Go to and decide that yourself. Alexandra already got in our spotlight and we will have an eye on her future projects that seem to be worthy fashion attention. 

Wonder girl Lauren is also represented by The Society Management (New York), Elite (Paris, Milan, Barcelona, London). During the past Fashion Week Paris she walked shows for Chanel, Moncler, Redemption and Roland Mouret. And as we always say that Vogue creates a fantasy, its Wonderland world wouldn’t be the same without Lauren in it! Stunning Lauren in the spotlight!


Julia and Wouter for Calvin Klein White Label S/S 2016


What do you do in your Calvins? Take your time to find the answer, but meanwhile let us tell you who rocks the Calvins! Dutch models Julia van Os from Future Faces Amsterdam and Wouter Peelen are the spotted ones in Calvin Klein’s latest White Label S/S 2016 campaign!

According to Mr Peelen is one of the sexiest men in the Netherlands. There’s not a second opinion when it comes to that and if you have something to say against it, we guess you haven’t seen the new video of Michael Kors Access Fall 2016 with Wouter in it. And talking about him, we have one more campaign that is worth your attention! Are you hungry for more of Wouter? We will feed your appetite later today, so make sure you check Spotted Style!

Now let’s get back to Future Faces beauty Julia van Os. That’s not the first time that she gets spotted modelling for the brand. If you remember, we shared with you the Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2015 campaign, photographed by Mario Sorrenti with Julia in it. Will be continued? Stay tuned with Spotted Style and we will make sure we will bring the news to you!