How to survive at Fashion Week


Fashion week is one of the most exciting events of the year and it can be quite fun or it can turn into a stressful experience if it’s part of your work. The tight schedules of the fashion shows, meetings, the chaos and the rush for them from one location to another can be challenging. Besides that you have to make sure that you look fabulous all the time, socialize, pay attention to the collections and the models, try to remember the names of all the people that come to say hi to you while you have absolutely no idea who are they and last but not least… have some fun or preferably … a loooooot of fun! We have been through all that above and we have some tips how to do well at your first fashion circus, if attending fashion week is part of your job!

  1. Make sure you are always on time

It’s a fact that most of the time the fashion shows start later than the timing set on the official schedules but it is always nice to get at the right location a bit earlier, so you don’t have to sprint in hour heels and ruin them. In case you are from that type of people who are always fashionably late, you take the risk to miss the show because even that some shows start later, the doors close right on time.


  1. The higher the heels, the closer to heaven 

They say diamonds are girl’s best friend and we say high heels are our fashion week best friends! Good shoes take you to good places so make sure you have at least one pair for the shows! A pair of high heels may transform your look immediately and make you feel more confident! Sounds amazing but here comes the tricky part… If the heels are comfortable besides beautiful then your fashion week mission is half accomplished and you are prepared for the after parties you may end up at! And trust me, they are FUN!


  1. Pay special attention to the details 

Small things in life make big impression. Make sure you take care of the smallest details of your fashion week outfit and looks. Starting from your manicure, make up, accessories and all little details that will make you shine and stand out. Near by the fashion week location there are always street style photographers, hunting for new fashion dictators!


  1. Drink and get enough sleep 

By drink I mean water, but taking in mind the variety of cocktails and drinks that are offered at fashion week, a glass of champagne would not cause any harm! And if you are looking for an excuse to drink, we have plenty but this would work: you have a reason to celebrate because you are attending the most glamorous event of the year!

Besides drinking enough (water) and the numerous coffees that you will consume in order to stay sharp and wide awake, make sure you are well rested before the fashion madness begins because during fashion week sleep is for the weak!



  1. Bring the power banks 

Living in the era of social media and digital revolution, using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and all possible apps empty our batteries quite quick. As an editor of Spotted Style I try to Snapchat and Instagram the shows I attend on Spotted Style’s accounts at the moment of their happening, so my battery has to be always full and here comes my other best fashion week friend- the power bank! I find it very useful and it saved me many times, so definitely deserves a spot in our fashion week survival list!


  1. Put your red lipstick on

 Red lipstick is timeless and looks good on almost every color skin, which makes it a fashion week musthave! Make sure you put it in your bag before you leave the house. No matter what kind of clothes you are wearing, it makes the look stronger and sexy. Combine it with an eyeliner and you will be ready to rock!


  1. Most of all… HAVE FUN! 

The best advice we can give you is to enjoy the shows, have fun as much as possible and get the most out of your fashion week experience! Get dressed but don’t worry so much about your looks! Some of the people who are at the event  are too busy worrying about theirs. No one is perfect and there is something charming about it, right? Have fun, laugh loud and be happy!