Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted in Hawaii


This week has been so busy! I worked every single day on magazine and wedding shoots… everything went so fast. I got the great opportunity to go to Hawaii for a shoot with Elle Japan, which is amazing! I left on Saturday evening and the time change is huge (19 hours), so I arrived in Hawaii on Saturday morning, which means I could do Saturday 2 times! I was pretty tired already from shooting that day and I can’t really sleep on airplanes.

Once I arrived to the shoot in Hawaii, I fell in love with the style of the clothing picked for the shoot. The shoot location was on the streets of Honolulu and I got to see a lot of cool places. We were done in about 2 hours, so after that I had enough time to see the beach. The weather was amazing there and the view on the beach was breathtaking.


There was a little festival going on at the beach where I walked around a little bit and the people were so nice. My hotel was great too. I had the best view of the mountains and of the city. I was and I am still pretty jetlagged but I didn’t want to go to sleep immediately because then it would be worse the day after. I went for dinner with the people I worked with and then finally went to sleep.


Sunday I had another shooting in Kualoa Ranch, it’s the ranch where they shot many movies (Jurassic Park, Godzilla, 50 First Dates). The park is enormous and the landscape is awesome. I got to meet Anna who is a model from Florida, but now lives in Hawaii. We had some photos together and I am so curious about the results. After the shooting Anna and I went for sushi and ice cream. Monday morning was my last swim in the ocean, and then I headed back to Japan. It was a great experience to be in Hawaii and a great opportunity to work with such amazing people, more to come!