Melody Vroom takes us inside her Life of a Model


You all know Melody Vroom, one of our first spotted models and constant ones in our spotlight! Melody has been blogging for you on different model related topics- healthy lifestyle and food recipes, backstage reports and travel journals! We did a short interview with her at the very beginning of our page and things have been changed for both Spotted Style and her since then. We thought it’s time for a little update, catch up and look inside Melody’s career and life of a model! We talked with her about modelling, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and her dreams. Having Mel in the spotlight is always a pleasure and we had fun while spotting her for one more time! Read her full interview and stay tuned on Spotted Style! Melody has a surprise for all of you coming this month and yes, it’s all about fashion! We are sure you will love it!

Hi, Melody! For the ones who are getting to know you now, can you share more about yourself? How long ago did you start modelling and which agencies are representing you?

I’m a 17 year old girl who was raised in the Netherlands and who now lives in Germany. I started modeling about one and a half year ago, and I can’t wait until I finish school so I can start doing this work full-time! My mother agency is Wilma Wakker in Amsterdam, and I’m also represented by Why Not in Milan and The Hive in London.


You are the person behind the inspiring Instagram account @Mymodelkitchen, followed by many models and young girls. What made you start the account and what do you love most about running it?

A couple of years ago, way before I started modeling, I changed my lifestyle. I started to exercise and to eat healthier. I also started taking pictures of pretty plates of food and people were always asking me what the recipe of a certain dish was or if I wanted to share more food pictures, so I decided to make the account. I love inspiring models and other people with my recipes, and I also love following people so I can get new ideas to make in the kitchen!

You have been travelling around the world with your family and for modelling. What were the last destinations that you visited and what is your dream one?

Me and my family went on a tour in the US and Canada. We visited awesome places like Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and Toronto. I really want to visit Hawaii some time, my parents have already been there and their stories are great so I can’t wait until I can go there myself.

The last show you walked at Amsterdam Fashion Week was Couture and Crafts. Which designers you have walked for and how would you describe the Fashion Week experience?

I have walked for Bottega Veneta in Milan and it was an amazing experience. It was so nice to explore Milan and I was also flattered that they picked me to walk their show. I met a lot of nice girls backstage, including some Dutch ones. You know what they say, if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!



Talking about shows and designers, we can’t miss out to ask you more about your fashion taste. Did your style changed since you started modelling? Can you name a few of your favorite designers?

My style hasn’t really changed since I started modeling. I have always worn what I think is pretty and that is never going to change. Casting directors want the models to wear casual clothes, preferably black, so they can see how your body looks, so that’s what I wear to castings. When I’m not working my style is still casual but with some outstanding pieces to make the outfit rock!

How would you describe your life as a model? What did you expect when you started and are the things much different in real life than your perception of modelling at the beginning?

Until now I have done some jobs in combination with school, so I haven’t experienced what it’s like to be a full-time model, but I’m really excited for that. The things that I got to do thanks to my job are unique and not a lot of girls of my age get to experience these things. When I started modeling I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be great.

What do you love most about photoshoots and being in front of the camera?

What I love most is that each photographer has an own style and they also reflect that on me as a model. That way I look different in every picture and that is so nice to see! I can never wait until my agency sends me the pictures of a new photoshoot, I’m a really curious person, haha.


Let’s talk about beauty and lifestyle! What kind of sports are you doing and what is your secret beauty tip for our Spotted Stylers?

At the moment I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I train my legs, arms, abs, back and shoulders. I also do some cardio 1 or 2 times a week and usually that is interval training, which means walking for one minute, then running for one minute, walking for one minute again and so on. These are the workouts that I love and I think everyone should see for themselves what kinds of workouts they like. My beauty tip is to take off your makeup with micellar water. I always used makeup wipes but since I started using the water my skin is much softer and shinier.

What is your fashionable must-have item for this season?

It’s winter at the moment and that means that I got to have a big, warm coat. I really don’t like cold weather so I can’t miss it in my wardrobe during this season.

Can you give an advice to all young and new faces that are entering the industry now? Something that you wish you knew at the beginning?

A really important thing is to have a good connection with your agency. This really makes the difference, if you have a great booker who is enthusiastic about you, it will be so much more fun!

Are you enjoying your modelling career so far and what is your biggest dream when it comes to it?

For sure I’m enjoying it! I feel blessed that I have already seen some places I had never been before I started modeling. My biggest dream is to walk a Valentino show one day. I love, love, love this brand and it would be an honour if I could walk for them in the future.

And one last question…  Who are your favorite Dutch models and inspirations?

My favourite Dutch model is, cliché as it sounds, Doutzen Kroes. I think she is an amazing woman who inspires a lot of people in this industry!c7036953-23d6-48d1-abd6-d10f57fe4330