Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management in Tokyo! Part 2


When I arrived here in Tokyo I thought everything was going to be fine in terms of work, because every time I was in Tokyo, I was working almost every day. Now that I’ve been here for a while I realized that it’s not so easy as I thought it would be to get jobs. Turns out it’s not the best time right now and there are lots of beautiful girls in Tokyo. Fashion week is coming and with my height (I am 174 cm tall) it’s also questionable if I’m going to walk any shows. Luckily I’m still working, even now when it’s not very busy and I’m not working as much as the last time, I still have six more weeks to go! Thank God.

This week passed by more quickly. In the end of the week I noticed that due to extra castings, there was a bit of unforeseen change in my daily casting schedule of which I must admit that I was a bit stressed, but afterwards everything turned out to be fine. On Thursday we had a day off from the castings because of a national holiday in Japan. Some of my roommates and I went to a Japanese restaurant to eat tempura: it’s fried shrimp with fried vegetables and rice. After having this amazing lunch, we went with the four of us to Yoyogipark, where we walked around and enjoyed the sunlight (the weather is getting better and better here!)



Again I was playing darts with some friends on Thursday night and I have to say, I’m getting pretty good at it. I have my next job on Monday and I’m hoping that I next week will be busy for me. Now that it’s weekend I have some time to relax and to have testshoots. And not to forget, to eat a really good burger 😉!