#SpotMeWhileILaugh Part 2 with Lara, Anine, Marjan, Daphne, Lois, Eva, Silke, Romy, Daelorian, Melissa, Iris and Bo


Hello Models!

Happy Friiiiii-YAY finally! It was a long week for Spotted Style and now we are ready to go loco for the weekend! What are your plans? Whatever they are, make sure you take funny pictures and instagram them with the hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh and tag @spotted.style, so we can find you easily!  Since the end of the week is here, it’s time for the second edition of our #SpotMeWhileILaugh (check part 1 if you missed it). Today we have a winner and the 1st place goes to the spotted model Lara Roozemond! Now you maybe wonder why we crown her with 1st place? Take a look below and get ready to laugh hard! Lara in the spotlight! Followed by … see below and stay tuned to find out who will be the ones who are laughing hard enough to get spotted next week! 


lara21. @LaraRoozemond: Me’ n daddy talking a stroll #familytime #getmoney #SpotMeWhileILaugh


2.@AninevanVelzen: Dries Van Noten @hannegabysses @drnobis


3. @MarjanJonkman: Professional hikers


 4. @DaphneKooy: Models don’t eat? #pizzaonset #longdayofwork #bts #shooting


5. @Melissa_Tammerijn @Bodonn @IrisvanBerne: Melissa, Bo and Iris/ Los Angeles, CA #streetstyle #musingspot #denim #motorjacket #boots #casualstyle #models #fedora #styleblog #LAstory


6. @LoisSchindeler: Outtake L’Officiel Turkey


7. @SilkeHajunga:  NET-A-PORTER video is online! https://www.net-a-porter.com/magazine/336/10


8. @Eva.Hooft: Shooting with your roommate is always fun @fleurmaat


9. @Daelostylo in Amsterdam<3


10. @RomyDeVries: They now have Matcha latte in the Lloyd