Marjan Jonkman spotted in Spotz, Love Magazine


LOVE LOVE LOVE for  LOVE Magazine!

Lately the bi-annual British style magazine is turning into one of our favorites! Its outstanding, colorful editorials and models leave us with a WOW reaction! This time is no exception. Double the WOW, because spotted girl Marjan Jonkman (One Management, New York) is also in the game! She climbed the top positions in our list long ago and deserves the spotZ! Steven Klein photographed the model Fernanda Ly ( DNA Models, New York) and our Dutchie Marjan, wearing her blue Miu Miu tiara, pink paieltte Prada earings, blue Radio Days dress and pink socks Nevica (yes, we had to name the sock brand, since we have an obsession for cool socks with a tiny sparkle and in case there are some other fashion addicts with odd taste for details who would like to know!) Enough talk about the socks now, let get a dive into the turqoise spotZ below with Marjan…