5 spotted models reveal their favorite perfumes!


A few days ago I went shopping and I wanted to buy new perfume, one that I haven’t tried yet. I headed to the nearest beauty store to get my mission accomplished, having a few fragrances in mind that I saw in the latest issues of fashion magazines. I went to the perfume section and started spraying ha-ha. After 10 minutes the result was that my sense was completely confused from the different smells and no amount of coffee beans that the Douglas lady was offering me would have helped. I decided to play safe and got a perfume that I had before- Si by Giorgio Armani, which turned into one of my favorites and I left the store with the idea to come back another day.

Taking in mind that I didn’t like any perfume from the recommended ones by the fashion magazines I read the day before, I decided to start a discussion with our Spotted models in our Facebook group. Every girl loves the beauty talk, so girls shared their favorite perfumes and helped me made my choice! Do you want to find out which are the perfumes that Aline, Lara, Sabien, Carmen and Billie- Jean love? Check our list below! :) 

Aline1.Aline Trippers from Touche Model Management: Victor&Rolf- Flowerbomb is my ultimate favorite!




2.Carmen Heijligers from Only Model Management: Victor & Rolf – Bonbon!vi


3. Lara Roozemond from Touche Model Management: YSL- Black Opium 




4. Sabien Reintjes from Future Faces: Victoria’s Secret – Dark Angel




5.Billie-Jean Harper: Chanel – Chance, eau tendre!