Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted back in Tokyo!


Yes, that’s right! I’m back in Tokyo. It’s been one year since my last trip to Tokyo, but I couldn’t have chosen better time than now. In 2015 I had a lot of work, especially in Europe, Asia and in America. Now, in 2016 I am extremely pleased to be back in Tokyo. After an 11-hour flight I wondered how I would survive the first day, because I literally skipped a night. Even though I was really tired, I was thrilled to be back. After I received my luggage, the first thing I did was eating an ‘onigiri’ (Japanese rice ball, usually filled with fish). Apparently you don’t have this in the Netherlands, which is pity. I missed the food and the people so much, it literally feels like I came home. Luckily I could rest a bit to recover when I arrived at my apartment, but in the afternoon I still had some castings to go to. I am sharing my apartment with three Polish girls, they are speaking Polish with each other all the time but I don’t really mind this. I have my own bedroom and I can isolate myself whenever I want to.


The weekdays pass by quickly. On Thursday evening I was reunited again with my best friend, who lives in Tokyo, and with some friends we went to get something to drink and play darts. It’s really nice to see the people again that you have missed for a long time. I applied for kickboxing lessons on Friday. Yes, I really did! I understand that it’s hard to believe but I signed up for five lessons ‘one on one’ with a personal trainer. Also, I am working out twice a week in the gym, not especially to lose weight, but to build muscle. I had my first kickboxing lesson on Saturday and honestly, I have to say it’s really hard, but at the same time it’s also really good and fun to do. It’s a little difficult to plan these lessons because I never really know when I have to work, but I think I will have some time during the weekend. Saturday night we celebrated the birthday of Toshimi, my booker at my agency in Tokyo ‘Zucca’. We did karaoke and it was so much fun! Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long, because the day after I had to work for the brand Uniqlo. I’m still very tired and jet lagged, but it gets better by the day. Again, I am really happy that I am in Tokyo right now!