Spotted! The success story of David Binoth from Max Models

David for Versace show AW16
David for Versace show AW16

We haven’t posted interviews with models for a while, but the wait was worth it. Why? Read the following lines to find out! Today we have a success story to share with you, of someone who seems to be born under a lucky star- David Binoth from Max Models! He is 23 years old, born and living in Amsterdam and studying Law. David is also represented by Success Paris, D’ men Milan, DNA New York and The Suqad London. Started modelling less than an year ago, he already lived in New York, walked fashion shows exclusively and his first big shoot was for Calvin Klein. Right after David came back from the last Fashion Week, where he walked shows for Versace and Emporio Armani, we interviewed him, curious to find out how he made his way to the top of modelling. Read more about his ‘’unexpected twist’’ story and follow him on Spotted Style! We promise to keep you posted! David in the spotlight!

David for the WW Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell styled by David Bradshaw
David for Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell

Hi, David! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
I’m David Binoth, I’m 23 years old and trying to do be both a law student and do modeling.

How long ago did you start modelling and did it change your life in some way?
I think I started about 9 or 10 months ago. It changed my life in a way I couldn’t imagine when signing the contract. I thought I would just work every once in a while and combine it with the job I had at the time. For some reason I didn’t have a very glamorous idea of the fashion industry. Therefore getting flown over to all these different cities, sleeping in luxurious hotels and being treated a certain way was – and still is – very overwhelming to me.

One of your first trips was to New York, how would you describe your modelling days there and is it a city you would live in?
I lived in New York for a total of almost four months. It’s very different from Europe and especially from Amsterdam when it comes to modeling. I would say life is a bit more superficial in New York. Modelling there gives you a status of some sort. It’s all about your looks, the agency you’re with and the brands you’ve worked for. It mainly shows when going out to clubs. You don’t have to pay to get in, and you definitely don’t have to pay for your drinks. When going out with a couple of friends we even got two minors in the club (who didn’t have identification on them) by telling the bouncer and promotor we were all signed at DNA, the agency we were with in New York. Saying anything remotely like that in Amsterdam would get you laughed at and kicked out of the line, and they would be completely right in doing so in my opinion.
I did however really like living in New York, but for very different reasons. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the big apple. It has something very appealing to me, I think a lot of people experience New York that way.

What is your favorite shoot/campaign you have done so far?
I think that would have to be the shoot for the worldwide Calvin Klein lookbook. I’ve had only been modeling for a few weeks so it was sort of my first ‘big’ shoot. It was all very overwhelming to me. So many people on set, just for this one shoot. That’s also the day I met David Bradshaw, the stylist of both Calvin Klein and Versace. After a long day of shooting, I got a call from my agency telling me Versace wanted to fly me over to Milan the next morning to walk exclusively for the brand. It was probably the most overwhelming 24 hours of my life, and it gave my career the best start one could possibly ask for.

David for the WW Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell styled by David Bradshaw 2
David for Calvin Klein lookbook by Paul Wetherell

You walked many shows during Fashion Week. Can you tell us more about it and how would you describe your FW experience with one word?

During the last fashion week I walked for both Versace and Emporio Armani. It was an amazing experience to walk for these huge brands. As I walked for Versace as an exclusive last season, they obviously already knew me so the castings were pretty easy going as I already knew the casting director very well. The casting for Armani however was a little different. Hundreds of guys at the same time were lining up for the casting, yet it went fairly quick as at the end of the line every single guy had to walk for Mr. Giorgio Armani for a maximum of about ten seconds. He hardly even looked up and didn’t have a paper or pen with him to make notes. The excitement and tension was almost the same as with an actual show. After I had walked and was ready to pack my bags, Giorgio called me back, he wanted to see me again. A few hours later I heard I was confirmed for the show.
If I had to describe fashion week/shows in one word, it would probably be ‘adrenaline (rush)’.

What does it take to be a successful in the modelling industry? Would you give an advice to the young faces entering the modelling world?
As I’m still kind of new, I’m still discovering the do’s and dont’s, but in general I would say that just your look is only a small percentage of your success. Most brands are looking for a certain attitude. For Calvin Klein for example that’s confidence and Versace looks for a strong and fierce attitude. That’s what you have to show when meeting the casting director.

David for Emporio Armani show A/W16
David for Emporio Armani show A/W16

       Can you name one thing you love most about your job?
That would definitely be the traveling. It’s something I’ve always loved to do and I would never have thought I got to do it so often… for a living!           

Apart from modelling what are your hobbies and passions?
Traveling was always something I enjoyed a lot, so I’m lucky enough to get to combine that with work. Besides that, I would say I enjoy being with friends a lot and listening to music.

Tell us a spicy fact that we may not know about you?
Before I started this I worked in an amazing candy store in Amsterdam called Papabubble. They make beautiful handmade candies. I had that job for almost five years and I enjoyed it so much! I worked with the most amazing people and I mean, c’mon… I made candy!

Do you pay more attention to the way you dress since you became a model? Is fashion something you are interested in?
Yes, definitely. I was never really interested in fashion and didn’t really care about the way I dressed. I think my booker can vouch for that. I definitely started appreciating beautiful clothes more than I used to. I pay more attention to detail and I am definitely more aware of what I’m wearing. The downside? Shopping got a whole lot more expensive.

David for Emporio Armani show A/W16
David for Emporio Armani show A/W16

3songs from your current playlist?
I’m really enjoying Jacob Banks lately.

Can you tell us your favorite hotspots in Amsterdam?
This is a difficult one because there are so many! I love the canals and the old parts of Amsterdam, that’s where I grew up. I love hanging around my university, the Oudemanhuispoort, I love Oost, I love Zuid… I’m basically in love with Amsterdam as a whole.

What makes you happy and what makes you laugh?
The people around me are definitely my main source of happiness. I have the most amazing parents and sister one could possibly wish for and on top of that, I surrounded myself with an amazing group of friends. I have very little to wish for.

How do you see life through your eyes?
As you have probably noticed I’m very happy with my life but always have been. So far I feel like I’ve been incredibly lucky with the people I met in my life and of course -in the case of modeling,- genetics. Thanks mom and dad!

What does the future hold for you?
I have genuinely no idea, and it makes my life even more exciting!

If you have to give a name to this moment of your life, how this chapter will be called?
‘The unexpected twist’?….

If you could tell something to the whole world, what would it be?
Renewable energy, people. Renewable energy.

David with our Isabel Scholten by Shamila
David and Isabel Scholten by Shamila