Around the world with Cynthia Baremans


Hi everyone!

How are you all? Hope you’re doing great!
I had an amazing week and would love to share it with you!
Last week I had a really nice job in London, for MUA Cosmetics.

On Monday I arrived in London, and on Tuesday was the first shoot day. It felt good to be back in London, it’s been a while and love that city. Tuesday morning I got to the studio at 8:45. I met the whole team, and we got some breakfast.It was a pretty big team. There was one make-up artist with assistant, one hairdresser, one photographer with assistant, 2 models and 3 girls from the production. After breakfast we started with hair & make-up. They printed out a mood board, and hang it on the wall. It were all different kind of looks, really nice!

Shooting for cosmetics is totally different then for example a clothing line. I got like 3/4 looks for one day, but it takes the whole day. The make-up really needs to be perfect, because that’s the most important. It’s actually really funny, the hair and make-up takes hours. And the actual shoot like 20 minutes. I don’t mind it because it is really cool to see what they can do with make-up and make so many different looks. After two looks, we had a delicious lunch and we finished shooting around 18:00.


Behind the scenes – MUA Cosmetics

The next day we started again at 09:00. The second day was more relaxed then the first one. It’s always nice when you know the team and they were really nice. The first day is always a little exciting, you don’t know yet where to go and with who you’ll be working. We did again a few different looks for the next day and the other model and I were also shooting together. She was from Poland, but living in Germany. The rest of the team was English. We already got to see some shots on the computer and they were nice! Looking forward to see the rest of them.



The next day I had to fly back home early, finish my other suitcase because I was flying to Cape Town the next day!!!
I arrived in Cape Town on Saturday, feels so good to be back. It’s my third season here for modelling, so it’s feels almost like my second home. Yesterday I went to see my agency again, so that was really nice! I already got really busy with castings and I’m excited what this season will bring me! I’ll definitely keep you up to date!


Arriving in Cape Town (snapchat: cynnie.b)