Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted in Hawaii


This week has been so busy! I worked every single day on magazine and wedding shoots… everything went so fast. I got the great opportunity to go to Hawaii for a shoot with Elle Japan, which is amazing! I left on Saturday evening and the time change is huge (19 hours), so I arrived in Hawaii on Saturday morning, which means I could do Saturday 2 times! I was pretty tired already from shooting that day and I can’t really sleep on airplanes.

Once I arrived to the shoot in Hawaii, I fell in love with the style of the clothing picked for the shoot. The shoot location was on the streets of Honolulu and I got to see a lot of cool places. We were done in about 2 hours, so after that I had enough time to see the beach. The weather was amazing there and the view on the beach was breathtaking.

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How to survive at Fashion Week


Fashion week is one of the most exciting events of the year and it can be quite fun or it can turn into a stressful experience if it’s part of your work. The tight schedules of the fashion shows, meetings, the chaos and the rush for them from one location to another can be challenging. Besides that you have to make sure that you look fabulous all the time, socialize, pay attention to the collections and the models, try to remember the names of all the people that come to say hi to you while you have absolutely no idea who are they and last but not least… have some fun or preferably … a loooooot of fun! We have been through all that above and we have some tips how to do well at your first fashion circus, if attending fashion week is part of your job!

  1. Make sure you are always on time

It’s a fact that most of the time the fashion shows start later than the timing set on the official schedules but it is always nice to get at the right location a bit earlier, so you don’t have to sprint in hour heels and ruin them. In case you are from that type of people who are always fashionably late, you take the risk to miss the show because even that some shows start later, the doors close right on time.

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Melody Vroom takes us inside her Life of a Model


You all know Melody Vroom, one of our first spotted models and constant ones in our spotlight! Melody has been blogging for you on different model related topics- healthy lifestyle and food recipes, backstage reports and travel journals! We did a short interview with her at the very beginning of our page and things have been changed for both Spotted Style and her since then. We thought it’s time for a little update, catch up and look inside Melody’s career and life of a model! We talked with her about modelling, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and her dreams. Having Mel in the spotlight is always a pleasure and we had fun while spotting her for one more time! Read her full interview and stay tuned on Spotted Style! Melody has a surprise for all of you coming this month and yes, it’s all about fashion! We are sure you will love it!

Hi, Melody! For the ones who are getting to know you now, can you share more about yourself? How long ago did you start modelling and which agencies are representing you?

I’m a 17 year old girl who was raised in the Netherlands and who now lives in Germany. I started modeling about one and a half year ago, and I can’t wait until I finish school so I can start doing this work full-time! My mother agency is Wilma Wakker in Amsterdam, and I’m also represented by Why Not in Milan and The Hive in London.


Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management in Tokyo! Part 2


When I arrived here in Tokyo I thought everything was going to be fine in terms of work, because every time I was in Tokyo, I was working almost every day. Now that I’ve been here for a while I realized that it’s not so easy as I thought it would be to get jobs. Turns out it’s not the best time right now and there are lots of beautiful girls in Tokyo. Fashion week is coming and with my height (I am 174 cm tall) it’s also questionable if I’m going to walk any shows. Luckily I’m still working, even now when it’s not very busy and I’m not working as much as the last time, I still have six more weeks to go! Thank God.

This week passed by more quickly. In the end of the week I noticed that due to extra castings, there was a bit of unforeseen change in my daily casting schedule of which I must admit that I was a bit stressed, but afterwards everything turned out to be fine. On Thursday we had a day off from the castings because of a national holiday in Japan. Some of my roommates and I went to a Japanese restaurant to eat tempura: it’s fried shrimp with fried vegetables and rice. After having this amazing lunch, we went with the four of us to Yoyogipark, where we walked around and enjoyed the sunlight (the weather is getting better and better here!)




#SpotMeWhileILaugh Part 2 with Lara, Anine, Marjan, Daphne, Lois, Eva, Silke, Romy, Daelorian, Melissa, Iris and Bo


Hello Models!

Happy Friiiiii-YAY finally! It was a long week for Spotted Style and now we are ready to go loco for the weekend! What are your plans? Whatever they are, make sure you take funny pictures and instagram them with the hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh and tag, so we can find you easily!  Since the end of the week is here, it’s time for the second edition of our #SpotMeWhileILaugh (check part 1 if you missed it). Today we have a winner and the 1st place goes to the spotted model Lara Roozemond! Now you maybe wonder why we crown her with 1st place? Take a look below and get ready to laugh hard! Lara in the spotlight! Followed by … see below and stay tuned to find out who will be the ones who are laughing hard enough to get spotted next week! 


lara21. @LaraRoozemond: Me’ n daddy talking a stroll #familytime #getmoney #SpotMeWhileILaugh (more…)

Marjan Jonkman spotted in Spotz, Love Magazine


LOVE LOVE LOVE for  LOVE Magazine!

Lately the bi-annual British style magazine is turning into one of our favorites! Its outstanding, colorful editorials and models leave us with a WOW reaction! This time is no exception. Double the WOW, because spotted girl Marjan Jonkman (One Management, New York) is also in the game! She climbed the top positions in our list long ago and deserves the spotZ! Steven Klein photographed the model Fernanda Ly ( DNA Models, New York) and our Dutchie Marjan, wearing her blue Miu Miu tiara, pink paieltte Prada earings, blue Radio Days dress and pink socks Nevica (yes, we had to name the sock brand, since we have an obsession for cool socks with a tiny sparkle and in case there are some other fashion addicts with odd taste for details who would like to know!) Enough talk about the socks now, let get a dive into the turqoise spotZ below with Marjan… 


5 spotted models reveal their favorite perfumes!


A few days ago I went shopping and I wanted to buy new perfume, one that I haven’t tried yet. I headed to the nearest beauty store to get my mission accomplished, having a few fragrances in mind that I saw in the latest issues of fashion magazines. I went to the perfume section and started spraying ha-ha. After 10 minutes the result was that my sense was completely confused from the different smells and no amount of coffee beans that the Douglas lady was offering me would have helped. I decided to play safe and got a perfume that I had before- Si by Giorgio Armani, which turned into one of my favorites and I left the store with the idea to come back another day.

Taking in mind that I didn’t like any perfume from the recommended ones by the fashion magazines I read the day before, I decided to start a discussion with our Spotted models in our Facebook group. Every girl loves the beauty talk, so girls shared their favorite perfumes and helped me made my choice! Do you want to find out which are the perfumes that Aline, Lara, Sabien, Carmen and Billie- Jean love? Check our list below! :)  (more…)

Karlie Kloss spotted in Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2016 Campaign

Karlie 2

I’ve been reading the book of Diane von Fustenberg ”The woman I wanted to be” for a while and learning more about her life made me admire her even more as a designer and a woman. Earlier today while I was scrolling down a fashion blog, my attention got caught by the colorful DVF’s Spring 2016 campaign with Karlie Kloss! Immediately, I clicked on it and found the video of the model for the Belgian designer! Even though Karlie is not Dutch (but American) and Spotted Style is focused on Dutch beauties, I think the campaign is worth your attention and wanted to share it with you! Why? The reasons can be many, but we I’ll give you my 2: First I find Diane very inspirational and she has always supported the women empowering, something that she is doing in her new campaign as well with the motto #youbeyou. The second reason why I adore her is for her classy designs with a modern touch and the feminine wrap dress, which we can find in variety of colorful prints in her new collection

Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management spotted back in Tokyo!


Yes, that’s right! I’m back in Tokyo. It’s been one year since my last trip to Tokyo, but I couldn’t have chosen better time than now. In 2015 I had a lot of work, especially in Europe, Asia and in America. Now, in 2016 I am extremely pleased to be back in Tokyo. After an 11-hour flight I wondered how I would survive the first day, because I literally skipped a night. Even though I was really tired, I was thrilled to be back. After I received my luggage, the first thing I did was eating an ‘onigiri’ (Japanese rice ball, usually filled with fish). Apparently you don’t have this in the Netherlands, which is pity. I missed the food and the people so much, it literally feels like I came home. Luckily I could rest a bit to recover when I arrived at my apartment, but in the afternoon I still had some castings to go to. I am sharing my apartment with three Polish girls, they are speaking Polish with each other all the time but I don’t really mind this. I have my own bedroom and I can isolate myself whenever I want to. (more…)

Hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh! 5 fun Insta moments with our Spotted Dutchies!

Probably you saw our Instagram post on about our new fun publications but in case you’ve missed this one, let us tell you more about our new idea! Every week Spotted Style will chose the most interesting and fun 5 pictures from Instagram, posted by your favorite spotted models and we will repost them on our account! Do you wonder how the Dutchies are spending their days when they are running to castings, catching flights, getting reunited with friends while travelling all around the world? Always on the go, they know how to cherish the moment and have fun! You can expect our Insta picks at the end of every week and if you have suggestions and spotted something that made you laugh hard, don’t hesitate to send it to us or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #SpotMeWhileILaugh

Take a look who got #SpotMeWhileILaugh this week and stay tuned until next weekend! 

Jamilla1. @JamillaHoogenboom from Micha Models with Dutchies @VeraVanErp and @RomySchonBerger: While running for our castings we found @Agnes_xd hanging on the wall 


2.@FabienneDobbe from Touche Models in Milan: Another annoying tourist #whoisshe #whoisthatchick


3. @MarjanJonkman: Finally reunited with this LA babe  @Aliciaruelas <3 <3 <3  (more…)