Spotted Style meets Natasja Arie and Squaah!


One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity to meet new people! A while ago I had the pleasure to cross paths with the amazing, charming and elegant Natasja Arie, the founder of Squaah and attend one of her inspiring events, full of powerful and ambitious women. Now you maybe wonder what is Squaah, who are the Squaah ladies and what makes you one of them? Spotted Style met the beauty and brain behind the leading ladies society and wants to share more about it with you! Meet the modern muse Natasja Arie in the spotlight and take a look at


Hi Natasja! Welcome to our spotlight! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Stylers? Thanks! It’s an honor to be on here. I’m Natasja Arie. A woman who doesn’t know how to install her own outlook, but decided to build a Social Media Community anyway.


You are the leading lady behind the Squaah community. Can you tell us more about what Squaah stands for and what inspired you to build this amazing network of successful ladies? Squaah is all about connecting inspiring ladies to each other, sharing your expertise (whatever expertise that might be), discovering the latest Leading Lady essentials, and above all FUN. I’ve always been fascinated by those ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and wondered why I couldn’t find a gentleladies club out there. So I decided to build one myself.

Is Squaah a dream come true for you and did you imagine you would go so far with it at the beginning of your journey? It sure is. It started out as a lunch with 10 ladies present and today we have a Social Media Community with wonderful and inspiring members from all over the world. I’m very grateful for it. But I must admit I was bit optimistic when I started out. If I knew what it would take to build a Facebook like system technical wise, I probably got scared, and didn’t even start building it.  What can I say.. Sometimes ignorance can be a good thing. Hahahaa!

Can you define who is the Squaah lady and what does it take to become one? Every woman has a Squaah in her. Sometimes she just has to go find it. A Squaah has a lust for life, knows what she wants, is curious, and loves to flaunt her femininity. In other words: she is the ultimate gentlelady. I feel like gentleladies should help each other out some more.  That’s why Squaah likes to invite all the women who fit the criteria above to join by uploading their personal profile in our community.


During the previous edition of Fashion Week Amsterdam, we had the pleasure to experience one of your Squaah events, which was attended by many successful and ambitious ladies. As we know, you are currently working on a new concept for your next Squaah event. Would you like to share more about it or you prefer to keep the mystery for now? I met Mieke Berkers last year. For people who don’t know her (yet), she was the driving force behind the Big Data Expo. We have teamed up and are working on a tech convention for women. I’m also working on something I like to call: Squaah Guilty Pleasures (hahahaaa!) It will involve whiskey, cigars, and male strippers…..

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What do you love most about your job? What keeps you going and moving forward? I love how I get to experience all those different worlds within one week. One day I’m surrounded by tech nerds, the next by super creative socialites, and the day after by a powerhouse lady at a corporate company. That way I get to learn something new every day. It’s just amazing how many strong women are out there. Those women inspire me all in their own unique way. That is what keeps me going. I get to collect the most wonderful stories.


We heard you are very passionate when it comes to art. What does it mean to you and what kind of art we can spot at your new home? Yes that’s true. How did you know that? Hahahaa! For me art is all about escaping. When I look at it, I get to go into my own fantasy world. My favorite piece is by artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck. She is a dear friend of mine. We even used to share an office/atelier together. When she moved to Brazil she screwed the legs from under her table and gave me the tabletops as a goodbye present. They were covered in the paint she used for all her paintings for over many years. And they look marvelous! Unfortunately they don’t fit in to my new home. So I have to settle for “ smaller “ paintings from my collection for now.


What is your favorite hotspot in Amsterdam and how do you like to spend your time when you are not busy at your working place? Saturdays are my only day off. I just love Saturdays! You can find me at Morgan & Mees for Brunch, at the Spa or in a museum during the day, and at a cocktail bar in the evening. My favorite cocktail bar (Hugo’s) just closed, so I’m open to suggestions.

Natasja Arie and her boyfriend Nick Majoor


We couldn’t miss to spot your fabulous look and sense of style during our meeting and we love it! What are your favorite must-haves for this season and beauty product? Ironically, as a lady you just can’t go wrong with an oversized men’s shirt paired with some killer heels of course. I tuck the shirts in to a pencil skirt for some vavavoom. Or role up the sleeves and pair them with a tight skinny whenever I feel casual.  My all time favorite beauty product the is Midnight Concentrate by Kiehls. It makes you look like you’ve had a full night of sleep even when you didn’t. And it’s anti-aging. You’re never too early to start with that, in my humble opinion.


What is your guilty pleasure? Truffle burgers, Dolly Parton, and leopard print.


What we can expect from Squaah in the future? Our main goals for this year are to get Squaah as user friendly as possible and to do great events quarterly. Within five years we would like to be able act locally all over the world. So I expect to have head offices set up in different countries. In about ten years I want to be able to invest in promising start-ups by talented women. So I still have a long way to go.

And now one last tricky question… Who is your favorite model? J

Well this one is not that tricky at all.. Hahahahaa! It’s my awesomely talented and devastatingly handsome boyfriend, Nick Majoor hahahaaaa!