Backstage at Spijkers & Spijkers with Sabien Reintjes from Future Faces!


Hi sweet Spotted Style readers,
Last week it was that time of year again: Amsterdam fashion week! I’ve been walking shows at Amsterdam fashion week many times now and I really enjoy doing it. The vibe is always good and there are always a lot of people I know so its never boring and doesn’t really feel like work! 
One of the shows I did last week was for Spijkers & Spijkers, last few AFW editions I walked for them as well, so I already knew what the day would look like. Spijkers & Spijkers is a Dutch design brand owned by the Truus and Riet Spijkers sisters. Its one of my favorite shows to walk, so I was thrilled that they booked me again this time. 


The show was on Saturday, and we had to be there at 2 pm although the show would start at 7 pm. Because I knew we always have to wait a lot on days like that, I decided to go a little bit later. When I arrived I went straight to the hairstylists, the hairstyle for this show was quite difficult to make, so they had to practice it a few times until it would be perfect. When my hair was done we had a show rehearsal but it wasn’t a complicated choreography so it didn’t take that long to practice and to see if the music and timing was all good. After the rehearsal it was time for make up which was pretty, consisting of a strong eyeliner and glitters on the eyes. After the make up was done, I had to try the clothes. The collection was again amazing and I got to wear 2 looks, one was pants with a blouse and a blazer and the second look was a dress. After the fitting I had a bit of time to grab some food for dinner, the show was running late so we had to hurry. We did a last rehearsal with the shoes, which were a bit of a pain they were quite high and very small (most models have a big shoe size). But I can’t complain, we only had to wear them for 2 min haha. When we finished with the last rehearsal it was almost showtime, which means some quick make up and hair checks. I always try to get a little snack before we start because there are always a lot of people backstage and we need to be able to change very quickly. We changed to the first look and went to the line-up where they did some last checks and then it was finally showtime! Shows always go by so quick but I still really enjoy doing it. After the show I went to the after party for a drink and then the day was already done. Thank you Amsterdam Fashion Week for another great week!