Backstage with Melody Vroom at Mercedez-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Hello lovely Spotted Style readers! I walked the opening show of this season’s Amsterdam Fashion Week and with this post I want to show you what it’s like to walk a show.
When I arrived at 13:00, I couldn’t find the backstage location at first. I asked someone who worked on the ‘Westergasterrein’ and he told me to go right, but a couple of minutes later I found out that I actually had to go left. Oops, a little hectic start of the day, haha!
I entered the backstage location after a little bit of searching, and I saw that Marleen (Future Faces) and Silke (Future Faces) were already there. We didn’t have a lot of time to catch up because I had to start fitting my outfits for the show. The two costumes I had two wear were a golden dress with golden diamonds and matching shoes from Claes Iversen and a black suit (including a wig) from Frans Molenaar. When I walked out of the changing room and I saw myself in the mirror wearing the Claes Iversen dress, I was so amazed with how it looked! What a stunning dress.
After trying on the clothes, the make-up team wanted to test the make-up look on me, so it took a while before they figured out what the look would exactly be. After about 2 hours my face was completed and I could go rehearsing with all of the models. We were taught how to walk and how to show the clothes to the audience in different ways. This took about 1.5 hours. We walked the routine a couple of times and we also practiced the finale.

Rehearsals were followed by a lovely dinner including pasta, veggies, soup and bread! We needed the energy so we could rock the catwalk that evening. After a little fruit dessert the rest of the models and I went back and I got my hair done. I was finished within half an hour, so that’s much quicker than the make-up haha! That’s because they already knew exactly what they wanted to do with the hair and when I went to make-up, they didn’t know the exact make-up look yet.
We had one last rehearsal on heels and then we went to our dressers to get dressed. And then.. SHOWTIME! It was a wonderful show which showed the most successful designers of the Netherlands from 1960 until 2016. The people in the audience were very enthusiastic and I believe all of the models were also happy with the result.
I just love walking shows! The positive vibes, the adrenaline on the catwalk and being with the other models… Everything about it is great. I hope you enjoyed reading my backstage story. Have a nice day, make the best of it!