Models talk! Melody Vroom on How to change your lifestyle into a healthy one


Hi everyone,

I get a lot of questions from girls who want to change their lifestyle into a healthy one and don’t know how to begin with it. I thought, what better way to answer this question than with a blogpost? While reading this, remember that I’m not a nutritionist or an health expert, the tips I’m sharing with you are just things that work(ed) for me. Everyone has a different body, so everyone should do what feels right for them. These are just some tips to help everyone who wants to change their lifestyle and make it easier for them!

The first important change you have to make if you want to change your lifestyle is drinking a lot more water. I used to forget to drink water all the time and I mainly drank other things than water. When you start drinking enough water your skin gets better, you’re metabolism goes up and your overall health improves. Don’t drink more than 2.5 litres of water, doing this can damage your kidneys.

Another really important thing is to never skip breakfast. By eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast every morning you are full for longer and you won’t snack on bad food during the day because you’re less hungry.

Skipping snacks like candy, chips and other fatty or foods with a lot of added sugar and replacing them with (dried) fruits, vegetables, nuts, yoghurt etc. is the next step to healthy eating habits. All of these foods have great benefits. Fruits have a lot of fibres and vitamins just like vegetables, nuts have the healthy fats you need and yoghurt has protein. An example of a great snack is a mixture between carbs, fats and protein such as yoghurt (protein) with nuts (mainly fats) and fruits (carbs). This will keep you full until lunch/dinner and there are a lot of ways to keep healthy snacking fun so you grab a bag of candy much less likely.

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Same goes for your main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They should have protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. Products with protein are foods like yoghurt, eggs, chickpeas, nuts, seeds and complex carbs are found in brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, quinoa and much more. Chiaseeds, nuts, flaxseeds, olive oil and coconut oil are good examples of products which provide healthy fats.

An example of a healthy meal with carbs, fats and protein is oats (carbs) with fruits (carbs), almond milk (healthy fats + protein) and nuts (healthy fats + protein). For lunch you can eat something like spelt bread (carbs) with hummus (protein), pumpkin seeds (healthy fats) and slices of cucumber for the vitamins. There are just so many ways to eat yummy and healthy at the same time. These are just 2 examples of thousands of combinations you can make for every meal.

The last important thing I want to say is that you can also eat unhealthy things every now and then. If you’re craving a pizza, order a pizza and just go back to your oatmeal and smoothies the next day! If you want some ben&jerry’s ice cream, enjoy it to the fullest and go don’t worry about the fact that what you just ate isn’t defined as healthy. A healthy lifestyle is not eating ‘right’ and ‘clean’ for 100% of the time. A healthy lifestyle is taking care of your body by giving it the nutrients and vitamins it needs and listening to your body if it screams for ice cream or pizza. Balance is the key, believe me.

I hope I helped some of you out with starting a healthy lifestyle. If you have a question for me or if you just want some inspiration for healthy recipes and tips and tricks for a healthy body, just take a look at my Instagram @mymodelkitchen.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Melody