Travel Journals from Fabienne Dobbe! Spotted in Istanbul!


Hi, Spotted Style followers!

I am Fabienne Dobbe from Touche Model Management and this month I’m in Istanbul for modelling. I’m writing this travel journal in front of a heating lamp, because I’m freezing at the shoot and  I will tell you everything happening here in a bit!

I had a flight  to Istanbul on the 4th of November after I took my exam at school. During the first two weeks I did everyday castings and during the weekend I was free. So on my first Sunday I visited the Blue  Mosque with my roomies Dorin ( she is from Hungary) and Michalina  (she is from Poland).  After we visited the Blue Mosque we went to a little market next to it  and I bought some Turkish delight from there to bring   home. We went back Home and the week after we did a loooooot of castings again. 

The second weekend we were free so I went to Taksim with Dorina to look for a dress for her prom in Hungary. We went to the big shopping street and it was sooo busy! In the evening I’ve tried my first kebab EVER, but it wasn’t that good, I won’t tell you the details…

So the third week was full of castings again. Then I heard from my agent that I was booked for a show on Monday (the 23th), finally my first job! Monday we got picked up by our driver at 9:30 and went to the Hilton hotel (where the show was going to be). It was was for DB Berdan, a rocky punky style and  I liked it!

When we came for the make up it got clear that  it wasn’t atypical show and the preparations started. First we got our nails done – really long black fake nails on. So we weren’t in state to do anything.  (even going to the toilet was sooo difficult).

Then I went to the hairdresser, they styled my hair and then I needed to go to get the make-up done. I was really curious about the looks. Red/white eyes with glitters and my whole face was white, yeah you read it WHITE, ghost white. I went to the hairdressers again, and they styled my hair even more and applied a lot of gel in it. After that,  it was time for the clothes. On Saturday before I already did the fitting, I had two outfits (you can see the outfits on the pictures!)



I walked as 6th and needed to walk as 27th again. When the show almost started we got more make-up on. They made kind of bloody lips and added fake blood under our eyes, like we had bloody tears. After the show we had one more casting, for wedding dresses, and I may fit something hahahaha.


The next day I heard from my agent I had a confirmed job in another city in Turkey. I was going to fly on Wednesday to Denizli to shoot the next day. So on my way to Ataturk (airport in Istanbul), I was stuck in the traffic (busy Istanbul..) and was really late for my flight but I got it and I  slept in a hotel. Next morning at 8 AM I got picked up by my driver and he brought me to the shoot. And now I’m here sitting in front of a heating lamp with a warm plaid, because I’m shooting  pyjamas  in a big cold hall. This evening I’m flying back to Istanbul around 20:00 and then my parents will be in Istanbul for a long weekend to see me. Lot’s of love followers! I hope I can tell any other model story soon!