Spotted! Melody Vroom from Wilma Wakker Model Management photographed by Philip Riches


Talking about beauty and new outstanding faces from the young generation, we welcome Melody Vroom, represented by Wilma Wakker Model Management in our spotlight. We spotted the Dutch model and her beauty, captured by the amazing photographer Philip Riches.

The young spotted lady can be taken as a great example of an ambitious and determined person who follows her dreams and passions. Melody works hard on achieving her goals, while being an endless inspiration and motivator for many models to transform their lifestyle and way of eating into a healthy one, that will lead to better life. Melody is a proof that one’s commitment to a modelling career can unfold limitless opportunities and we are sure that her presence in the modelling scene will be one to remember. Melody Vroom in the spotlight! 

You can see more of Melody’s portfolio on the webpage of her agency herePhilip-Riches-2