Weekly Highlights with Anouk, Mattia, Milou, Anika, Marjan and Melody!

It’s Sunday and it’s time to look back at the past 6 days and see how our spotted models were doing! If you were too busy to follow your favorite Dutch faces, don’t worry! We did that for you and made sure you won’t miss a thing! We prepared our weekly highlights again! If you scroll down our Spotted Style blog roll to check out the news, you may come across Anouk and Mattia from Elite Amsterdam who won Elite Model Look. Anouk won 1st place and Mattia is the 1st Dutch boy in the top 5! Standing ovation for these two rising stars!

Picture sourse: nos.nl

And on to the next one… The news continue with the 24th edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam and Elite Amsterdam is in the spotlight again. A few days ago the full programme was announced and the event will be held from 8 till 18 January. Milou Koster is the face from the campaign and who knows, maybe we will spot her again walking some amazing shows as she did during the previous edition! Here is the time to announce that Spotted Style will be there again to report from the shows!


As you already know, there is no Weekly Highlights blog on Spotted Style without Marjan being in it! She is the one spotted on the cover story of model.com for Raf to the Future. The shoot was taken by Steven Yatsko, styling by Kyle Luu, makeup by Tomohiro Muramatsu and hair by Takayoshi Tsuikisawa. Well done, Marjan! Until next week when we will spot you again! 


And if you thought the first two news were the last ones about Elite Amsterdam and its modelling treasures, you were wrong. Here is the new cover of Annika Krijt for MIXT(E). She is wearing designs of Saint Laurent and looking stunning as always! 

Next name to be talked about is Melody Vroom from Wilma Wakker Model Management and her new phothoshoot by  David Cohen de Lara. The new pictures of Melody reveal her blooming beauty and graceful feminine look. You can see Melody’s portfolio on Wilma Wakker’s webpage hereMel


Spotted winners of Elite Model Look! Anouk and Mattia

Mattia and Anouk

Today we are more than happy because we have two winners in the spotlight! You may already heard the great news that our Elite Amsterdam Dutchies Anouk Thijssen and Mattia Creanza are the ones of the Top 15 winners of the Elite Model Look. Anouk won 1st place of the world final and Mattia is the first Dutch boy in the Top 5 male winners of the world. Congratulations to both of you on your success and achievement! One more time its proven that Elite Amsterdam gives a great start to young talents and helps them develop and grow on their way to the top! We are sure that great things are coming for Anouk and Mattia and we wish them to enjoy the journey called modelling! 

We interviewed them both before they headed to Milan for the finals. You can find the interviews of Anouk & Mattia on Spotted Style.

Exclusive workout for models by Pop-Up Fitness and Spotted Style at The W hotel Amsterdam!


Sunday equals funday and if you wonder what was happening yesterday in Amsterdam, the answer is Pop-Up Fitness and Spotted Style were happening! Since the Pop- Up Fitness came back to the city, Olivia Cooney, Bart van Maanen and I decided to organize a special workout class for models at the Great Room at W hotel Amsterdam! We united forces and got the mission accomplished! Let’s workout with Pop-Up Fitness and experience the innovative design and luxury of the W Amsterdam!

So on Sunday our Spotted  friends Thomas Nelissen from IAmELK, Elise Eseboom from Touche Models, Noa Vermeer and Laura van Dijk from Tjarda Model Management and Yuki van Gog from Paparazzi woke up with determination to work hard and joined our exclusive Mid-Morning Marvelous Bootcamp with Olivia! What happened after our event? Exactly what I expected! The models turned into the new Pop-Up Fitness fans and we can blame that all on Olivia because working out with her is totally addictive! Since I did my first workout with Pop-Up Fitness I got more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle because Olivia managed to bring out the best in me and motivate me to workout hard to stay in my best shape. A day before our Pop-Up Fitness X Spotted Style event, I went again to the W Amsterdam to do a workout. This time I joined the Lunch time ab blast bootcamp with Zoe Rosielle from VOGUE NL. Do you want to know about the feeling after it? I was full of positive energy and couldn’t wait until I go back to my favorite Pop-Up Fitness friends.  (more…)

Weekly Highlights! Sabine, Marjan, Odesma and Elite Amsterdam’s army in the spotlight!

YEY follows by FRIDAY! It’s almost weekend and we can get this party started, but before that let me share with you what got my attention this week or to be more specific who…The highlights of the past 7 days start with these Dutch beauties from Elite Amsterdam! The agency that is constantly in our spotlight!

1. Glamour presents Elite Top Model Diaries

Glamour starts online series in collaboration with Makers Channel and Elite Amsterdam. The weekly series will show the life of the models that are currently staying at the Elite Model Home in Hoofddorp. The place that gives start to many Elite girls to get prepared for a successful career. You can watch the promo video in the link. Stay tuned and make sure you follow the Elite Amsterdam beauties!


2.Britt van der Voort for ELLE NL

The Elite Amsterdam model Britt was spotted in the newest December issue of ELLE NL! And if you have checked our weekly highlights from last week, you already know who is the cover girl… Annika Krijt! Britt-van-der-Voort


Spotted editorial for Winq Magazine ”It’s in the Details”

We came across the new work of Juan Velazquez Caceras, the Fashion Director of Winq Magazine who styled the editorial called ”It’s in the Details”. It showcases the must have in accessories and clothes for this season. Oversized jacket, jumpsuit, shades of grey and prints and knits were detected. The models are wearing Boss Resort, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes, Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger and accessories such as Fendi, Prada, Christian Louboutin, BVLGARI and Dior Homme. Now you maybe wonder who are the spotted boys? Stop questioning and let us tell you: Thijs and Mathjijs from Tony Jones Model Management. The pictures are taken by the photographer Martijn Senders and the grooming is done by Tineke van der Donk using Tush Brushes. We met Juan for an interview and it will come soon on Spotted Style. Stay tuned! 1cd448a7-ce3e-4772-8a19-6f30d1e454c7


Imaan Hamaam for Topshop Holiday 2015



Hi, Spotted Stylers!

How is your weekend going? Start it with us from Spotted Style and a dose of Dutch beauty! For the ones who are just have their cup of coffee in their hands and chose to drink it in our Spotted Style company, here is our first update for today! We spotted beauty Imaan Hammam from Code Management in the new campaign of Topshop Holiday 2015! The campaign was photographed by Giampaolo Sgura. The other spotted Topshop models are Aneta Pajak, Bella Hadid, Ella Richards, Grace Hartzel, Malaika Firth, Marga Esquivel and Sophia Ahrens. If you are a Topshop fan and need to fill your wardrobe with some new trendy pieces, check out the pictures of Imaan and the other spotted beauties! Stay tuned during the weekend to see who we will spot meanwhile! 450177-800w-780x1024


Eye candy Gigi Hadid for Vogue Italy



After being on the cover of Vogue Nederland for November and walking the show of Victoria Secret, the New York based IMG world wide model Gigi Hadid was spotted for the cover story of Vogue Italy. For the editorial ”The Power of Personality” Gigi turned into an eye candy, switching hair colours. Pretty in blue, green purple or pink, Gigi is definitely an industry icon that deserves to be talked about. The half American-Dutch beauty is photographed by the talented Steven Meisel and her hair volumming and color transformations are work of the famous Guido Palau who worked with the make up artist Pat McGrath. 3-700x478 (more…)

Spotted Mattia Creanza! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We were honored to attend the finals of the modelling event of the year in Amsterdam, Elite Model Look 2015. Due to the hard work of the directors Suzanne Pots, Mauro Da Silva and the whole Elite Amsterdam team, the event was on a world class level and the agency deserves big applause! Same goes for all the young boys and girls who did their best at the contest, chasing their modelling dreams.

We were in a mood for spotting and capturing glamour, so we couldn’t miss to interview the winner Mattia Creanza! The promising 15 year old Elite Amsterdam model was born in Blaricum and is currently living in Hoogblokland. Read the lines below to find out what he shared with Spotted Style and follow him on Instagram @mattiacreanza. You can support the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 winners Mattia and Annouk by giving your vote.

Hello Mattia! Congratulations on your Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 success! Can you tell more about yourself to our Spotted Style followers?

Thanks! I am a Dutch boy living in the countryside. I was born in Blaricum, near Amsterdam and lived there for approximately four years. Then I moved to the place where I still live right now. My hobbies are: going to the gym, skiing, running and hanging out with friends. After my graduation, I hope to become a vet besides modeling.

We remember that we heard an interesting fact about you at the end of the night of the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 event. You are half Italian, right? Where were you born and what is your story?

That’s correct. My father is from Italy and when he fell in love with my mom he decided to move to Holland. That’s more than 20 years ago. In 2000 I was born and here I am. I speak Italian, I think that is an advantage because the final will take place in Milan. Italy is my second home country and I always like to go there. Friendly people, great food, beautiful cities and of course an amazing fashion.unnamed-1-683x1024



Anouk Thijssen in the spotlight! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We will continue with one more Elite Amsterdam story and welcome the other winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 Anouk Thijssen in our spotlight! The fifteen year old beauty grabbed our attention immediately when we spotted her incredible presence on the catwalk and a few hours later, she became the new Elite future star. She gave an interview for Spotted Style days before the big final in Milan and shared with us her excitement. You can support our Dutch Elite Model Look winners Anouk and Mattia by giving your votes. We wish both of them goodluck in Milan!

Hello Anouk! Congratulations on being one of the winners of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015! For us it is a pleasure to have you at Spotted Style! Would you share a few words about yourself with our followers? What is your age and where are you from?

Thank you! I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Wijchen, a town in the east of The Netherlands. Five days a week I go to school and in my free time I am with horses for grooming and riding. I love shopping and I often read beauty tutorials on the internet.

How did you decide to sign for the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 castings? Was it always a dream for you to become a model?

The mom of my best friend told me about the Elite Model Look. I thought it’s a great idea, so I decided to sign in. I never thought about becoming a model but now it’s the only thing I want! First I wanted to be an interior architect but now I really want to work as a model.Anouk4-682x1024


My Model Kitchen by Melody Vroom

Hi everyone!

I’m Melody, one of the spotted models from Spotted Style and recently I made an account on Instagram called @mymodelkitchen where I share healthy recipes and my tips and tricks to maintain a healthy body. Enough for the introduction, let’s get into this blogpost!

Since we’re in the middle of fall and getting into the winter time I thought I would share some warming, healthy fall/winter recipes with you guys, so here they are!

The first one is a hot chocolate with a twist. What you’ll need for this:

  • 200 ml almondmilk or any other non-dairy milk
  • 1 tablespoon of pure cacao powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspon of agave syrup
  • Some whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon of cacao nibs

Put all of the ingredients in a pan on medium/high heat and stir frequently. When the mixture is hot, pour it into a glass, top it off with whipped cream, sprinkle some cacao nibs on top and enjoy! Couldn’t be more easy, right?

choco (more…)