Spotted!The launching of Feraggio at InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam


Spotted Style had the pleasure to enjoy the launching of the exclusive Dutch shoe brand Feraggio at InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam hotel. Beautiful weather, friendly people, drinks and many many shoes in different colors around us!And now we guess the question what Feraggio is about arises in your minds. Let us tell you more about the perfect heels! 

Feraggio was inspired to create a new shoe concept that combines perfection, essential and timeless elegance and modern classic. Feraggio believes that perfect suede heels should be part of every woman’s shoe collection. When developing the shoe, every millimeter was checked and tested.

Feraggio perfect heels are timeless. For every need, occasion and for every woman. Radiating elegance at every occasion, perfect suede heels are an everyday essential. The exact same shoe is available in both 7.5 and 10cm heels. That makes Feraggio essential. Perfect heels are designed to be worn everywhere. There are no limits to what you can do.Beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed, Feraggio provide the extra strength needed to stand and walk longer than you ever imagined. 


To create perfect heels you need the finest craftsmanship and the best manufacturing. Using traditional production methods Feraggio has developed a modern-minded shoe, uniquely constructed from highest quality suede leather. Feraggio is a new modern heritage that builds on the past to create a classic of tomorrow.

Special thanks to Feraggio and Maison PR!

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