Spotted the fashion influencer Robert Mitchell!


If you are a true Spotted Styler, you already know Robert Mitchell van de Pas who was one of the first male models that we interviewed during our ‘’Gentleman in the spotlight ‘’ week last year in November. His modelling work was the first reason to spot him and today we have something new going on to tell you about. Around a month ago Robert started his fashion blog where he posts outfits for different occasions. We already told you about his sportive background as a tennis player on a high level in his interview, but he never mentioned about the stylist and the fashion influencer in him. So now we guess you are curious and want to know more about and his fashion signature. To feed your curiosity we asked Robert to tell us more about his new project and if you need a source for daily menswear, his blog could be the right place for it! Go and check it out and take a look at the outfits he chose to share with you!

Hi, Robert! Here we go again! Can you introduce yourself shortly to the ones who have missed your interview last year and tell us more about your new fashion blog How did you come up with the idea to start it?

Hi guys! I’m Robert Mitchell van de Pas and I’m a 21 year old model and business student. Last summer I finished my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and just started with my Master in Entrepreneurship. As a model I’ve done lots of great things and met some great people. Because of my modelling career, I was fortunate enough to work with some great brands. Every now and then, some of these brands would give me some clothes in exchange for an Instagram post on my personal Instagram account. Pretty often, people would ask me questions about where I got my clothes and asked me for advice on for example their clothing or how to do their hair etc.  After a while people starting telling me that I should start a fashion blog and I loved the idea. Coincidentally, during my study we had to do a literature case about fashion bloggers so I got some insights on how it works and got motivated to start my own blog.


What can we find on your blog? Who do you aim to inspire with it and what is its main focus on?

Well first of all, I just started so it still has to grow. But my main goal is to inspire people with my posts. It’s mainly about fashion, but in the near future I also want to make posts about how to do your hair and help people out with some fitness routines and nutrition schedules. I would be very satisfied when people really like my outfits and got inspired to wear the same things as I do.

Does the way you look at fashion changed since you started modelling? What made you so passionate about styling?

I think I’ve always had a passion for styling and fashion in general. I’ve always liked to dress up nice and try to find new ways to combine existing pieces to mix up an outfit. Of course, thanks to my modelling career, I get in contact with new trends pretty quickly. This, for me, makes it easier to get inspired for new outfits.

How would you define your personal style and where do you get your inspiration from?

I really would describe myself as an all-rounder, haha. I don’t have a specific style, I really like to wear different kinds of style. One day I might dress up really fancy and chic and the other day I’m just wearing a casual, more of a hipster kind of outfit. Most of the time, my outfit depends on the weather and the kind of mood that I’m in. During the summer I like to wear outfits with more colors and a lot of white, but during the winter I like to wear a lot of black. So I think you’ll really see the seasons reflected in my outfits. Usually, I get inspired by simply seeing something. This might be someone wearing a cool outfit on the streets, a cool Instagram account or when I see some cool clothing in the shops or during photoshoots.


What are your favorite pieces from your closet and do you have a must-have for the autumn season?

I think a turtleneck and a trench-coat are really must have pieces for the autumn season. During the autumn season it gets much colder and you want to dress up warm. But with a turtleneck and a nice trench-coat you still look really fashionable while keeping yourself warm. Personally, I really love one of my biker jackets. It’s a really nice leather jacket that matches with almost every outfit. I will make a post about in the near future, so make sure to check it out! I also love my denim jackets. I think when you combine a denim jacket in the right way, you get that super cool James Dean kind of look.

What can your followers expect from your blog in the near future?

At this point, most of the posts you see are about summer outfits shot at super cool locations in Barcelona and Ibiza. Of course, I’ll be making the transition to autumn/winter outfits in the very near future. And besides outfits, I also want to start making posts about my hairstyle, fitness routines and nutrition. Furthermore, when it gets bigger, I want to make it a more all-round lifestyle kind of blog. So besides, fashion, fitness and hairstyles, I also want to start posting about travelling, cool events, places you should visit etc. But the main focus will always be fashion.

Can you show us a few of your favorite outfits and tell us more about them?

Outfit 1: I love these trousers with braces. When you wear a trouser like this, you look fashionable almost instantly. You can combine it with a simple white t-shirt and still be rocking the outfit. I always finish my outfits with some cool accessory, but that’s a personal preference. I really like the way my off-white jacket matches with the color of the braces on my navy trousers. My shoes also match perfectly with my t-shirt and jacket. I’m a big fan of this look!



Outfit 2: During the summer it gets warm, so you want to wear something lightweight that keeps you cool. That’s why I really like this outfit. I think it looks really cool, but you can still wear it when it gets really hot. My white details in my trouser really match with my white shirt and the color of my shoes comes back in my sunglasses and bracelets. Also pay attention to the other details like my rings and watch.



Outfit 3: Sometimes you want to wear something simple. I’m a big fan of simple outfits, as long as you distinguish yourself by adding some special details. That’s what I did with this look. I’m wearing a simple, a bit destroyed looking, jeans with a white t-shirt, but I made it interesting by wearing a necklace, some bracelets, some rings, a nice watch and some cool glasses. Take a look at my colorful shoes as well. In my opinion, this makes the outfit way more interesting.



Outfit 4: So let’s make a little transition to an autumn/winter look now. This one is yet to be published on the blog, but I’m going to share it in advance. Like I said earlier, turtlenecks and a trench-coats are really must-have pieces for the upcoming seasons. That’s why I want to share this outfit. As you can see I’m wearing a black turtleneck in combination with a dark navy trench-coat and a matching jogging. To make it a more notable look, I decided to wear these really white Nike Air Forces. I think by wearing sneakers, you make it a more casual and wearable look and therefore an outfit that you can wear any day and anywhere.




I hope you guys enjoyed my interview and got inspired to follow my blog! My website is called and @byrobertmitchell is my username on Instagram. You can also like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter @byrobertmitchell.